Episode 18 is out!

As we approach the show’s first birthday, the episodes are kind of picking up pace! I’m privileged to be joined for this episode by a couple of fine gents from gaming: James Lowder and Todd Rowland.

James is an established (and award winning!) writer who came to my attention through the excellent “The 100 Best” books published by Green Ronin. These collections of essays by the great and the good from the world of games are wonderful to just dip into – great reads!

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Todd, meanwhile, is the Brand Manager over at AEG (the company responsible for Thunderstone, Legend of the Five Rings and the forthcoming New Hotness that is Nightfall.

Chris joins me for questions as usual too – if you want to get involved, get us on our new shiny email addresses: michael@littlemetaldog.com and chris@littlemetaldog.com.

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