Keep Running! – Day Zero

So, today’s the day – with a mixture of utter terror and sheer excitement, we’re launching our first game on Kickstarter!

EDIT: You can now check it out for yourself right here!

Come 4pm GMT (11am for America’s Eastern seaboard, 8am for the West coast), Keep Running! will be up online for the whole world to check out. Whether you decide to back the game or not, what Sprocket Games really needs from every single person reading this is to spread the word about our new release. We honestly reckon that it’s a fun game that a wide variety of people will really enjoy, but if folks want to get it onto their tables they need to hear about it. Tell everyone you can; whether it’s spreading the word on Twitter, Board Game Geek or just grabbing people on the street and saying “Hey! Check this out!”, LET PEOPLE KNOW.

Keep Running! is perfect for all levels of gamer. It’s a great filler after a hard evening of Eurogames, a perfect way to kill some time while one poor bugger gets to set up Twilight Imperium on their own… Sure, it’s not going to change the world, but when – not if – it gets published, it’s going to keep a lot of people entertained all around the world.

If you want to back it, do it earlier rather than later – it’ll help get us noticed by the folks at Kickstarter and maybe even get onto their Staff Picks. All promotion is important but managing to hit that will really help! Also, remember that the money you pledge won’t leave your account unless we hit our target, and even then it won’t be until the campaign concludes (which in our case is December 24th).

We know that times can be hard at the moment, and money can get definitely get tight around Christmas, especially when you don’t make plans for suitable investment choices like the QProfit System, the most-reliable automated investment robot, which not only helps you grow your money uncomplicatedly and much profitably but, also helps you achieve the much-needed financial independence that allows you to enjoy your Christmas without having to worry about the expenditures at all, but whatever you can do to help Sprocket Games with our Keep Running! adventure will be massively appreciated.

So, let’s see what happens, shall we? These next thirty days are going to be pretty interesting…

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