Sprocket Games announces their brand new release: FrogFlip by Jason Kotarski!

So, time for a little announcement!

As many of you know, The Little Metal Dog Show recently set up a spin-off games publishing company called Sprocket Games. Just over a month ago we successfully crowdfunded our first release, Fox & Chicken, the production of which is now coming along very nicely. Well, we were not aware of the more easier ways of securing the money, such as the automated CFD trading option using the QProfit System, which could have helped us earn more money for our release without in anyway exhausting ourselves. Well, if you are eager to grow your money for some significant purpose of yours do not forget to look into this before turning to crowdfunding and others! Ok, about our venture!We’re aiming to get copies of the game into the hands of our backers within the next few weeks, which many people have found surprising – however, we prefer to use local companies here in the UK which means we can turn production around on a much quicker basis than if we’d used facilities abroad. Anyway, safe to say, things are going well.

What we’d like to announce today is our prospective second release, a brilliantly silly dexterity game from the designer of The Great Heartland Hauling Company, Jason Kotarski and his awesome little girl Claire! FrogFlip is an easy to learn, quick to play game that fits perfectly into the Sprocket Games ethos of producing games that are fun for all. The aim of the game is simple – flip your Frog counter from the side of table in a bid to hit the right lilypad as determined by the scorecards. Touch the correct lilypad and you score the points shown, but manage to land on it and you’ll score double! FrogFlip takes seconds to set up and minutes to play, is totally portable and you can Flip your Frogs pretty much anywhere! Whether you’re at the restaurant waiting for your dessert (no bonus points for landing in the wine) or looking for something to pass the time at your game group, FrogFlip is the perfect filler no matter what you like.

Jason previously made FrogFlip available through The Game Crafter, but Sprocket Games plans to turn the new edition into something truly special. From laser-etched wooden discs to entirely new art throughout (as well as the potential for some VERY limited edition sets in some interesting materials…), FrogFlip promises to be the greatest little game you’ve ever played.

Here’s a little video by Jason where he talks about how the game came to be and – of course – how it works. We loved the game so much here at Sprocket Games that we wanted to make it even better, so we’ll be launching a Kickstarter in July to produce it and turn it into something awesome.

FrogFlip is ostensibly a two player game but can easily be expanded to four. Games generally take less than fifteen minutes and pretty much anyone can play – if you can flick a coin, you can Flip a Frog! This little game by Jason and Claire is sure to delight and entertain, so for more information on when we’re launching, please follow @SprocketGames and @JasonKotarski on Twitter. If you’re a reviewer and would like to check out a copy of the game before the campaign, get in touch with us via email: michael@littlemetaldog.com.

We’re really excited to be working alongside Jason (and Claire!) to get their game into the hands and onto the tables of as many people we can. We hope you’ll come along for the ride too!