Episode 66 – Codes and Keys

In this, the final episode before Essen (because they take a bit of time to organise and I have a lot of writing to catch up on!), I talk to returning guests Leonard Boyd and David Brashaw from Backspindle Games. It’s been some time since they last appeared (episode 20, in fact) with their previous game, the Discworld based Guards! Guards! Now they’re back, a little older and wiser, and armed with two brand new titles: the abstract strategy of Codinca and the glorious dice-rolling mayhem of Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice! The guys will be heading to Spiel, so be sure to swing by their booth and check out their fine work. I’m also joined by the splendid Mike Elliot, the mind behind such big names as Thunderstone, Quarriors and (a personal favourite) the Harry Potter TCG. Seriously, it’s really very good. His new game is called Sangoku, an interesting card game based in the Hells and Heavens of Japanese Mythology, and it’s on Kickstarter now!

It Is Time To Look For Shooting Stars In Trading

Seeing a shooting star up in the sky is considered to be lucky. Although people do not really get into the science of understanding it or its pattern, the shooting star pattern is considered much more worthy in the field of automated trading.

A shooting star pattern commonly called the candlestick pattern, according to financial traders and analysts, is something unique that is very useful. It can be used to identify a market reversal or a stock market fall.

About the pattern:

The candlestick pattern resembles a hammer in the down position and usually occurs at the far end of a long-term market share price increase or intraday. Initially, the stock market value keeps on increasing until it hits a maximum high, post which it takes a sudden turn downwards. Thus, the rise and fall in the stock market can be visualized as a shooting star in the beginning and a hammer at the end of the sloping downward trend.

Identifying Features of a Shooting Star Pattern:

  • The gap between the prices of stocks or shares keep increasing
  • The price gaps tend to be higher at the open end and much higher than the previous pattern
  • The pattern is characterized by a very short body at the opening price end, however, the pattern has a longer body at the above shadow end

Factors contributing to the success of a Shooting Star Pattern:

Several factors contribute to the success of a profitable share and even result in profitable trades while trading using automated systems or trading using cryptocurrency such as Crypto Code. All these factors play a role in the identification of a shooting star pattern. Some of the factors that can be used to enhance the trade entries are as follows:

  1. The occurrence of the pattern – If the candlestick or shooting star pattern occurs at the topmost ends of a steep uptrend, then the pattern indicates a market reversal or declining stock value.
  2. The volume of the trade – If the trade volume foresees a sharp increase, then it signals a market reversal. An increase in the volume of trades during the initial formation of a shooting star pattern and the continuous increase serves as a confirmation of the market reversal.
  3. The appearance of the candle in the candlestick – The candlestick pattern with a huge difference in the shadow lengths confirms market reversal if the upper shadow is much longer than the closing price of the stock, which virtually nullifies the lower shadow.

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Mike Elliot on Twitter – https://twitter.com/Elliott_Games

Sangoku on Kickstarter – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamesalute/sangoku-by-mike-elliott