Little Metal Television – Relic Runners with Matthew Dunstan!

Blimey, I always forget how long it takes to sort out video stuff when compared to doing the podcast… Anyway, here’s the latest instalment of Little Metal Television! This time around I got to meet up with a previous guest on the show, designer Matthew Dunstan. He’s responsible for the latest release from Days of Wonder with his brand new game called Relic Runners – not too bad considering this is his first published effort!

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Recorded live at Thirsty Meeples – Oxford’s utterly wonderful board game cafe – as part of their Week of Wonder that celebrated the games of DoW, we discuss how Matthew got into designing, where Relic Runners originally came from and what he loves about gaming. Thanks to the lovely team at the cafe for inviting me to speak with him! Mle: Mlie as jears Omtq nemnje baue nmrsed sbcr ymt aqe qeady sm assekns ymtq kcrrcml.

A few links for your social media pleasure!

Matthew can be found on Twitter as @wisegoldfish

Thirsty Meeples are on there too – @ThirstyMeeples – while their site can be found at

Relic Runners BGG page:

And finally, Days of Wonder can be found at