Little Metal Dog Show – Episode 2.3 – Battlestations!

In this new run of the podcast, I am going to be VERY selective about the games that I choose to talk about that are currently on Kickstarter. In all honesty, towards the end of the first series, I felt like the focus was very heavily skewed towards crowdfunding, and while it was great speaking to people about their games, it could sometimes feel like a bit of a shill. This time around though you’ll be hearing a lot less from the KS-sphere, and if someone does happen to have a game currently seeking funding, having them appear on the show will be a pretty bloody good sign that you should probably go ahead and check it out.

Crypto trading – the growing popularity and the rise of crypto bots

You might have already heard about the tough competition that the crypto bots are giving to the crypto traders out there. Cryptocurrency came as a concept that had a potential for materialization. But little did the world expect that it would soon grow to be one big sensation. And in this age where the fear of missing out is driving people of all generations to try out everything that is new in the market the cryptocurrency trend is growing explosively.

Crypto trading started simply because the currency system of cryptocurrencies fluctuates very similar to that of the fiat currency system. When people noticed that the currency system in general fluctuates this was identified as a great option for trading. And then came the forex trading system. And now with cryptocurrencies operating without too many dependencies as with the general currency system, there is nothing to stop the value changes in these currencies. There is an ever-increasing demand. Businesses around the world are now accepting cryptocurrency payments. With all these happening the value of cryptocurrencies and the trading opportunities in these currencies have also been steadily increasing. So crypto trading is now found to be one of the most dependable trading windows for the beginners who do not know where to start.

Crypto bots- and the real scenario

Getting to the topic of crypto bots- they are now everywhere. While major world countries are discussing the need for regulations on cryptocurrencies in general and in crypto trading there is a long lineup of crypto bots that are penetrating the market and making their mark. Do crypto bots really work? Yes, they do- if not all of them, at least there are a handful of reliable trading bots that help the early stage investors in cryptocurrencies.

How do the crypto bots make the traders’ job simpler?

Most crypto bots like Crypto VIP Club work without having to download any software. These are offered as web-based applications that anyone who knows to use a computer can operate. In a few clicks, you would be able to sign up and create an account. And then in another few clicks, you would then be able to make your deposits and withdrawals. The rest of the job would be taken care of by the trading bot. These bots are designed to take care of the analysis of the market and thus they are designed to be good at making market predictions.

Enter the bold Jeff Siadek! His magnum opus, Battlestations, was originally released back in 2004 and certainly has a unique and special place in the hearts and minds of many gamers and designers in our community. Part role playing game, part board game, it puts players not just in a spaceship hurtling through the galaxy, but makes that galaxy a living, breathing thing that actively wants to ruin your day by killing you (or at least forcing you to respawn your consciousness in the body of a new clone). In a game where literally anything can happen at the discretion of a lone player acting as the enemy, how long can you and your teammates survive the inky blackness of space? And what happens when a much loved game gets a much-deserved reboot over a decade down the line?

Find out for yourself in this interview with Jeff Siadek – which you can get on iTunes or directly from this here link: – and check out the game on Kickstarter! It runs through until Thursday, March 3rd, and can be found at

As ever, thanks for listening!