Monday Rundown launches!

Hey everyone – I’m trying a new segment for The Score over on the Little Metal Television YouTube channel where I’ll be running down some of the best (and occasionally the worst, if warranted) games that I’ve played over the last week. It’s called The Monday Rundown, and I’ll aim to always keep it bite size yet (reasonably) informative. Here’s the first episode – I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

It is important to know yourselves on the trading platform you have decided to trade on. Yes, there are different levels at which each trader gets to enter the trading field and believe it or not, each level has benefits and risks according to the level that that trader can afford to accept or digest. Wondering as to what we are talking about here? Now here is a detail on the same and traders are sure to feel happy and satisfied at the end of this blog when they get to understand that each one of them has a unique and special place in the trading filed and they would definitely be felt important.

Levels or categories of traders

Traders in the trading field are classified based on the level and amount of investment made by them while making their entry. Though we say that the minimum deposit required and demanded from every trader is $250, this is just the minimum that is expected from any trader in any trading platform like the crypto robot 365. Though there is a minimum limit to the initial deposit to be made by each trader, there is actually no maximum limit and it is based on this that the traders get classified. Now let’s take a look at how they get categorized.

  • Usual traders – these traders are the ones who come to this trading field with the sole aim of getting something in return for whatever has been invested by them. And they also belong to the normal category wherein they cannot afford to make more investments and at the same time cannot afford to lose more. So they come into this category wherein this minimum deposit amount is the right investment amount for them and try to make profits from this.
  • Golden traders – these are traders who can make a deposit amount up to $5000. They are a little more important when compared to those belonging to the above classification and they get to have information straight from the market when they decide to get information by making a subscription for the same.
  • Platinum traders – these traders are those who stay back in the trading field to invest up to $50000. Their affordability is so very high and lavish that losing a trade would not make any impact on them, their money or their trading interests. Trading is more so like a fun game for them.