Portal Games live at Essen 2016!

Just a quick post to let you know that the first of our interviews from the show floor at Essen Spiel is now live – and why not start it in style with one of the biggest names in gaming, Poland’s own Portal Games?

I sit down with Marcin to discuss their new releases at the show, including the European unveiling of Cry Havoc, the latest expansion for Imperial Settlers – Aztecs – and the beautiful second edition of Robinson Crusoe. Check out the video below!

Is the basic rule of crypto to buy low and sell high? This need not be necessary. Market fluctuations and changes are unpredictable and nobody could have an influence on this for it is the market and the minute- by- minute changes in the economic and fiscal structure of a country that stands responsible for these. So though the market advice to buy low and sell high, it is certainly difficult to follow this rule for it is impossible. Another reason for this to be a tough thing to follow is the high volatility of the market and also the sudden and immediate fluctuations in the market.

Factors that affect the crypto market

There are a lot of trading applications and software in the market like the HB Swiss and much more reliable and trusted trading platforms. And as all of us know trading becomes productive and profitable when only a trader gets to associate himself with one of those in the market. Now once this is done, he needs to understand and learn all about the market, the trading platform and the trading field for adding value and worth to his investments made here. Now, this also demands him to understand the major factors that would make the market a little fidgety. Some of them are described below for better and enhanced understanding of the market.

  • High volatility – as specified above, high volatility is a major problem that affects the market and becomes responsible for the unexpected and unimaginable changes and fluctuations in the market. There are a lot of factors in turn that causes this volatility like the economic instability, unstable fiscal policy etc… Here it is not just the trading field but also the other major markets that have a great impact and influence in the everyday life of the traders.
  • Fraudulent applications – when the numbers of fraudulent trading applications increase in the market, the presence of the assets or the availability of the assets available for trading decreases and at the same time there would also be great changes and fluctuations in the prices of the assets making it difficult for the traders to either buy or sell them at the current prices in the market.

There are many similar factors that affect the trading market and the various components that make trading a great field to play on. Each and every component here is influenced by one or the other factor and when comes to trading all of these need to be understood well.