Episode 99: The One Where Tony Signs Up

Well, it’s been a while, but yes – The Little Metal Dog Show podcast is still very much alive. Michael returns with an all new episode and an all new co-host! From here onwards, each episode will also have the splendid Tony Boydell on staff as well, and we figured that the best thing to do would bring him in for a quick catch up before we hit the next episode that will actually get the show to triple figures…

Binary trading and trading cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity among the traders and this is mainly because of the awareness that has been created among people. Traders and other non-believers so far in trading have now started understanding and realizing the value and benefits of trading and have started looking at it as a very beneficial and productive window for investments. We already have a lot of investments opportunities and options and this has become one among them, in fact, a much better and reliable option and that too something that can give away profits or returns immediately.

The global economy

So far we have always discussed and talked about how this trading market works and how it benefits the traders and the other interested people in this field. And also we have had some very good articles and blogs giving us some really good insights about the right approach to this field. Now how does this market have an impact on the global economy? How does a country get a good position in the market when the trades in that country are conducted and taken up sincerely? Here are a small description and explanation of the same.

Now trading and every other field that is considered very useful and beneficial to the people of a country are all inter-related and inter-connected and there is some sort of connection between them. Now an impact on one affects the others and hence a change, whether good or bad, is definite to have its influence on the others too. It is the collaboration of all these that describe and explain the economy of a country better than anything else. Now when a trading platform that has been created and developed in a country is able to have a good reach among the countrymen of that country, it is definite to expand its wings to the other countries too depending on the demand it experiences.

Demand vs. supply

Yes, it is the demand factor that makes a particular trading platform like the Quantum Code to have its gates open to all types of traders in all the countries.  It is this factor that makes it easy and mandatory for a particular trading platform to have its transactions and trades possible in almost all types of currencies or at least they try to have some common currency exchanges making it easy and simple for traders from all over the country to have their trades here.

Each show will have a theme, and this one covers the wonderful world of Conventions. From UK Games Expo to BGG.con and every show in between, the people, the games and the experiences are what make the world of games so good. Michael and Tony discuss the 2016 season and what they’re looking forward to in the next year…

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