Episode 100! Enter The Dark Carnival…

Blimey. Somehow we managed to reach one hundred episodes which, we suppose, is something of an achievement in itself. Thank you to everyone who listens, whether you’ve been around since the very first show or are new to the team. You’re all rather special.

There are a lot of things that a trader is expected to know about the trading market. By this, we do not mean just mean the basic understanding or the read-out about the trading market but by this, we are trying to emphasize on the point that the traders will have to have a complete reading and understanding of the market on a daily basis. Now it is a known fact to all of us that this is a market that is subject to constant changes and modifications and there is something always happening here. Now like the everyday news channels and the newspapers which we have made a compulsory one in our routine life and have decided and taken up to spend some time on, even the news on trading needs to be given attention to.

Knowledge gaining should happen every day

Nobody can master the field or skill of trading overnight for it is something that cannot happen this way or in simple terms, it is impossible. Every trader will have to spend at least a decent amount of time here to know each and every small and simple thing about how the field operates, how trades happen on Quantum  code etc and when a person goes step by step in doing this, he is definite to take a longer time, but remember when you decide to do it this way steadily, you are sure to understand and succeed in trading.

Now, this is possible only when the traders decide to spend some time for this market on a daily basis. As said above nobody can learn or understand this complex field in a single day and every bit of information or news that a person gets to hear or collect on a daily basis will have a connection with the news or market changes that had happened the previous day or is going to happen the next day. So a complete and wholesome understanding of this market and the art of trading happens only when a person tries to do this meticulously and sincerely.

Trading skills

There is absolutely no need for a person to go for any special training when comes to learning about trading and the tricks in doing this successfully for, in reality, there is nothing that the traders will have to spend time on. It is all about the precious time that he invests in getting his brains on the various options and selections that he will have to make in the initial few steps. And it is also about the smartness with which he makes all his moves.

This episode sees Michael speaking with the team from Psychopathic Records – home to the legendary hip-hop group Insane Clown Posse. Designers Robert Bruce and Louis Simpson and artist Tom Wood have collaborated to create a truly entertaining game, accessible even for those who haven’t heard of any of the bands on the label, and we talk about the design process, the game itself, and the pleasures and pitfalls of having a rabid target audience.

Michael and Tony also talk about licensing in gaming, covering Tony’s adventures with a small Welsh train, and just how awful a Trainspotting game could be…

The episode is up on iTunes now (of course) but if you’d like to grab it directly, you can do so – just right click and save this here link:

Again, thank you so much for listening. I’m still amazed to this day that anyone does so, but each one of you is a splendid person for taking time out of your day to hear me (and now Tony) jabber away. It means more than you’ll probably ever know.