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If you’re interested in checking out the games that we’re currently working on at Sprocket Games, give us a shout via email – michael@littlemetaldog.com – and we’ll let you know what we’re currently working on!

At the moment, we have three games in development:

There are good days and bad days in trading. If today is a bad day and you have got nothing but loss, it would be better than you put an end to trading for the day since you have I have lost huge amounts maybe because the decisions you are taking are not right and if you continue taking wrong decisions you might end up regretting to continue trading similar to the decision one might take about using SnapCash Binary which is a bad idea. Instead of relying on things like faith, luck and sixth sense intuitions it would be a good idea to believe in your strategies and master in analysis and skills. Apart from doing analysis and using your skill, there are types of strategies that you can use for binary options trading. There are a lot of strategies that are there which you can implement which are different but there are three elements which are common for all these strategies.

  • Making use of binary options trading signals by generating them and indicating these signals on which trade they must be placed.
  • What is the amount you should be trading?
  • Improvise your strategy each time.

There are a lot of possibilities because every step has a different precise strategy. If you want to develop your own strategy that will be successful one you must understand all these elements to the extreme. Let’s understand the first element in depth

Generating Or Creating Signals

The work of the signals in trading is to indicate that assets price is going to move in a certain direction. As we all know that the assets price keeps fluctuating every time. What helps is that some source through which you can predict the movement in the price even before it is going to happen, and the signal does the exact same job.  There are two different ways to create signals, the first one would be creating signals using the events from the news and the second one would be making use of your technical analysis. The no voice traders and people who do not have experience in trading make use of news events to generate signals. This approach involves keeping an eye on the news like

  • Company announcements
  • Announcements by industries
  • Inflation figures that are released by the government

The way this works is that if the news given is a positive one then will predict that the price is going to increase and if the news is negative it means that the prices are going to decrease.

Pocket Universe is a space exploration game for two to four players with a bit of meanness thrown in for good measure. Travel around the Pocket Universe in your ship, collect as many resources as possible and either spend them to improve your status or stash them for points!

This Just In is a party game based around creating the best headlines you can from a selection of cards in your hand. Each round sees one player, the Editor, demand stories based on a certain subject. The other players then submit their responses hoping to catch the Editor’s eye, then must tell the story behind the headlines. Between three and eight can play this light, quick and fun game.

Dice Quest is a cut throat extravaganza of chucking dice and getting the better of a dungeon filled with monsters. Create a grid of dice to boost your abilities, take down enemies (with or without your fellow players’ assistance!) and get out of the depths with the most loot. Again, between two and four can play.