How we roll.

Oh god, what a terrible heading. I’m really sorry. I promise I’ll try to do better in future posts.

This is the first post of what will hopefully be a regular blog on board games. While there is plenty of good coverage of the scene out there, very little of it comes from a UK perspective. There is the excellent Downtime Town, helmed by Robert Florence and… well, that’s about it. There’s a distinct lack of writing about gaming which this blog (and subsequent podcast, because there’s bugger all British shows out there as well) hopes to rectify.

I’m Michael Fox, co-host of Joypod – a video games podcast that’s been running for three years. Along with spending far too much time on my PS3 and 360, I have a minor obsession with small wooden cubes, pretending to save the world from disease, taking over medieval Europe and flying steam-powered spaceships to Mars. I wanted to spend some time writing about the huge range of games that are available, post up regular reviews of some of the best and worst titles out there, and keep an eye on the big news stories happening in one of my favourite hobbies.

Finally, I’m sorry about the title. I asked my followers on Twitter for a decent name and The Little Metal Dog Show really struck me – though I promise I won’t mention Monopoly. Well… not often. Not unless I really have to. I hope you enjoy my ranting, and if you want to get in touch, give me a shout via my email:


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