News and stuff – 23rd April 2010

Another week, another bunch of news stories from the world of games that caught my eye – so on with the show! Or the words, anyway.

This week saw a lot of new announcements from Fantasy Flight games. A lot of their upcoming releases come to us in the form of expansions; their massive Tide of Iron has the action moving from the western front to the east as the Germans now face Soviet troops in the new Fury Of The Bear box-set, while fans of Runebound get to check out the new Mists of Zanaga adventure – there’s also a second edition rulebook for the ace Tannhauser. The most exciting news though? A brand new version of the classic DungeonQuest, with an aim for it to be ready by August. I’d better get rid of my original edition (complete with Heroes for Dungeonquest) before the bottom drops out of the market… anyone fancy a trade?

Continuing the war theme, Days of Wonder have announced yet another addition to their Memoir ’44 line – this time a new board on which you can wage campaigns. Something a bit different about their Breakthrough set though: it’s bloody massive. Seriously, forget this map set representing an area of land – in reality it looks like the size of a small nation. Check out the pictures from the DoW blog. Just try not to put your back out when you pick it up off the shelf on release. 

Finally, San Diego was the home of this year’s Mensa Mind Games, a weekender of games playing and all-out geekery. Every year, American members of Mensa gather to play and decide on what games they deem worthy of sporting the Select Seal – an award for games that people of all ages can enjoy. They generally choose a good range of titles, and this year these five were given the accolade:

Anomia – Anomia Press

Dizios – Mindware

Forbidden Island – Gamewright

Word on the Street – Out of the Box

Yikerz! – Wiggles 3D Inc.

The Mensa Select Seal has been running for twenty years and their selections are generally pretty good – in the past few years they’ve chosen Wits and Wagers, Hive and Dominion amongst many other good games, so this year’s selections are pretty much guaranteed to be good. Out of the five, Forbidden Island holds the most appeal to me, so I’ll see about grabbing a copy and post up a review soon.

Finally, news a bit closer to home – the first episode of The Little Metal Dog Show will be available next weekend. I’m really hoping you guys enjoy it.

Any comments or news of your own? Drop me an email on – and cheers for reading!


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