The Little Metal Dog Show – Episode 1

After a lot of late night wrangling and not a little cursing at FTP servers, the first episode of The Little Metal Dog Show is now available to listen to. In this first show, I talk to Xibxang from GamerDork about how video games and board games cross over. There’s also an interview with Mark Brendan, one of the developers behind the brand new tabletop wargame/RPG Warheads: Medieval Tales, and I also take on a few questions.  You can also get it through iTunes or download directly by right clicking here  – it’s a bit poppy, but I think it’s pretty good. Cheers to everyone who’s helped out (especially Steph – check out the awesome new banner!)

Links for stuff in the week’s episode:
Also, all games mentioned can be found at IGUK – loads of good games, RPGs and entertaining stuff!
Hope you enjoy the show. If you’ve got any comments or questions, leave one here or email – ta!


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2 responses to “The Little Metal Dog Show – Episode 1

  1. Great podcast there. Nice to have a bit of banter followed by an interview and then with questions – a great balance. I liked Xibxang impromptu questions. It is weird hearing a podcast with you on and there being no reference to eggs…

    I read on the geek how someone struggled with Xibxang’s accent. I pity whoever that is, as one day they will meet someone with a really strong Scottish accent.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Steve Jackson

    *cough* Show notes *cough* 😉

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