News and stuff – 7th May 2010

Another week, another hopefully factually correct bunch of information!

Let’s start off with Plaid Hat Games, makers of one of the big games around at the moment – Summoner Wars. This two player card game is getting a lot of positive reviews at the moment, including over here at Downtime Town – the Little Metal Dog review will be coming next week after I’ve played a few more games of it. If you’ve been lucky enough to give this excellent game a shot, you’ll know that pretty much anyone who’s seen it has one complaint: the board. Less an actual board, more a shiny folded piece of paper that dips and rises all over the place, it’s a bit of a pain when one of the most important factors in the game is knowing where your cards are on the grid. Plaid Hat have listened to the players and are now issuing a premium solid board for which they’re currently taking pre-orders on their site. Nice to see independent companies taking notice of what the people who buy their games are saying! And while we’re on the subject of Plaid Hat, Colby Dauch (founder of the company and designer of Summoner Wars) will be on episode two of the podcast, talking about all manner of stuff.

Random aside time. When I was a kid, growing up my grandmother never just referred to me as ‘Michael’. In the house, if she just said ‘Michael’ it could cause a bit of confusion, as my grandfather went by that name as well. The solution she came up with was to call me ‘Michael J’, taking the first letter of my middle name and adding it to stop any problems. With this information, consider my surname – Fox. Put them all together. Michael J Fox. Yes, I got beaten up a hell of a lot at school, because I was ten when Back To The Future came out. I must admit though, I absolutely love the films (and for your information, BttF 2 is easily the best of the bunch). But what does this have to do with gaming? Well, Looney Labs, makers of Fluxx and Chrononauts, have announced the upcoming release of Back to the Future: The Card Game. So far details are thin on the ground – nothing is out there apart from a release date, which they currently have down for September of this year. Being a cheeky git, I’m going to be asking them for an advance copy to review because… well, dammit, I’m Michael J Fox! It’s my right! More info as soon as I get it.

Finally, in a bid to break into that elusive German market, Warfrog Games have now officially rebranded themselves as Treefrog, complete with a spanky new website. Seems that an armed American amphibian as your logo doesn’t go down too well auf Deutschland, especially amongst family gamers. They’ve also announced that Age of Industry (their updated / streamlined version of Brass) will be out in June this year, and that if you fancy looking at the rules for it you can feast your eyes on this shiny .pdf file. Seems to be a bit more accessible, not that Brass is the hardest game in the world to get on with.

And that’s it! More reviews to come over the next week, including one of Forbidden Island – the new release from Gamewright and Matt Leacock. I’m also continuing to work on episode two of The Little Metal Dog Show – the first episode has had an incredible amount of downloads (well over one thousand at time of writing) and I’ve had lots of great feedback. Thanks again if you’ve listened – hopefully #2 will prove as interesting. If you want to get in touch, give me a shout on or nudge me on Twitter. Cheers!



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2 responses to “News and stuff – 7th May 2010

  1. PinkBatgirl

    You tell me about the Age of Industries game now?! When I’ve only just ordered Brass?!?! Dammit >_<

  2. idlemichael

    Come on, I only just saw the announcement! You could always get both, of course… Age of Industry isn’t out until June…

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