News and Stuff – 15th May 2010

OK, it’s a day late, but I plead mitigating circumstances – recording and editing two interviews yesterday followed by putting Episode 2 together took a long time, meaning this week’s news is a little tardy. Hopefully the new episode will make up for the disappointment! A bit of a mixed bag this week – more awards, Dominion gets bigger and an Ancient One takes a new form…

My favourite gaming podcast, The Dice Tower, has announced the nominees for this year’s Dice Tower Awards on their site which you can find here. It always makes for a good listen when their awards show rolls around, mainly because all the contributors’ opinions don’t exactly match up all the time. However, it’s all in good fun, and the discussion is interesting. The awards cover a range of categories from best game for kids to best expansion, but the big one is – of course – Game of The Year. This time the nods have gone to:

Chaos In The Old World – Fantasy Flight

Dungeon Lords – Z-Man Games

Small World – Days of Wonder

Summoner Wars – Plaid Hat Games

Thunderstone – Alderac Entertainment

Having played all the nominees except for Thunderstone, I think I’m going to go for either the huge and complex Chaos In The Old World or uber-portable but surprisingly deep Summoner Wars. Results will be announced in an upcoming episode of the show!

Next up, Dominion’s latest expansion is now available. Slightly smaller than previous ones, Dominon: Alchemy introduces a new basic card (the potion) and a bunch of new kingdom cards. Having only recently got my own Dominion set, I must say I’m keeping an eye on this one – anything that adds new possibilities to the game is great. However, the thing that really caught my eye was when the game’s designer Donald X. Vaccarino posted up his Secret History of this expansion. Basically a write up on all the new cards available in this expansion, I really enjoyed reading about how he came up with the concepts and how he thinks they’ll fit in to the game as a whole. It’s always interesting seeing under the hood.

Finally, the guys over at SJ Games have possibly enraged demonic forces by releasing this:

Just. Run.

A Cthulu dice bag. Admittedly a cute(ish) Cthulu dice bag, but an Ancient One nonetheless. I fear this may well be the end of days. Available soon for $30 – a small price to pay to bring about the destruction of the world – it’s a very curious addition to any gamer’s home. There’s also been talk about the upcoming release of Cthulu Dice (due very soon) – the designers notes are online to read here, and again it’s pretty interesting to see how the mind of a designer ticks.

And that’s it! As mentioned above, the second episode of The Little Metal Dog Show is up on iTunes now. You can also direct download it by right-clicking and saving this here link. As always, if you want to get in touch just email or poke me on twitter: I’m @idlemichael. Thanks for reading!


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  1. The G

    II played Dominion for the first time a while back and instantly loved it’s fast paced nature and the fact every game was different. The fact you can only pick 10 of the kingdom cards for each gome out of the possible 30ish i think means every game requires a different plan of attackl you have to think up on the spot.

    I’ve been looking at getting the expansion sets for a while now but just the vanilla game is still throwing up interesting variations still. I will get them at some point but too add even more cards to a game that already has great life alreaydy means there’ll be endless possibilities!

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