News and stuff – 21st May 2010

Actually managing to post it on time this Friday, it’s another Little Metal Dog news thing!

Another week, another list of nominations for gaming awards! This time it’s for the Graf Ludo awards, which celebrates the beauty of design and general jaw-dropping-ness of a game. Obviously there are many beautiful games out there (one of the nominees is the stunning Fresco, which you can see reviewed here by me!) so competition is fierce. The nods are split between family and children’s games, and the full list is available by clicking on those links  – curiously though, for an award based on how gorgeous a game looks, there’s a distinct lack of images on the site. None, actually, which is a bit poor. Anyway, out of all the suggested games I really hope the prize goes to either Fresco or Mystery Express – they’re both lovely and deserve some recognition.

On the subject of art – and the seeming inevitability of me not being able to do a news post without mentioning Steve Jackson Games – bane of many a ‘serious’ gamer Munchkin is getting a revamp. All versions of the game (as of the next reprinting) will now be in full colour to match more recently released editions. The new versions of the cards are being overseen by artist John Kovalic, and to pay for all this extra work, SJGames will be raising the prices of sets by… four cents. The thieving moneygrabbers! There are also new Munchkin related items coming soon including Boxes of Holding (each of which can store 500 cards), specially made Munchkin d6s with the head logo in place of the 1, along with a fourth brand new set specifically for the Cthulhu variant of the game: Crazed Caverns. More information on their site, as always.

Last one for today, Battlestar Galactica creator and official Little Metal Dog hero Corey Konieczka has revealed his latest creation, due for release through Fantasy Flight this Autumn. Based on the Space Hulk property, Death Angel – The Card Game is (you guessed it) a co-operative game for one to six people. Players take on the roles of Space Marines who must work together to take down wave after wave of marauding Genestealers – something that happens quite regularly in the world of videogames but is a rarer beast when it comes to card games. As it has been Touched By The Hand Of Corey it will invariably be incredible (or at least I hope it will), but there’s not a huge amount of information out there yet. As soon as we know more, it’ll be here on Little Metal Dog.

That’s about it for now. Episode 2 of The Little Metal Dog Show is available on iTunes or is directly downloadable from here – Episode 3 is in production now; I’ve recorded an interview with Lorien Green, who’s producing the upcoming documentary Going Cardboard (more information on the film’s site). A second run at speaking with Matt Leacock will hopefully not be eaten by my computer this time, and both interviews will be available for your listening pleasure in about a week’s time. Cheers for all the support (over 850 subscribers now!), keep spreading the word, and get in touch with anything you want to say: email me on or message me on Twitter; I’m @idlemichael.


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