News and stuff – 28th May 2010

See that? It’s a tumbleweed, blowing across the plains of news in the world of gaming. Not much this week: lots of re-releases and re-issues, some shameless 40K promotion and the world’s most awful prize in a competition.

Let’s kick off with the pile of stuff that’s been announced over the last week or so: Thunderstone‘s first expansion hasn’t even been released yet (Wrath of the Elements is due out in June) but already there’s been an announcement from AEG about a follow-up set. Doomgate Legion will have more of the same Dominion-meets-fantasy-madness type thing going on and should be available around October/November this year. French publisher Matadot has said that two new two-player releases are incoming as well: Sun Tzu (a reskinning of Alan Newman’s Dynasties, originally released back in 2005) and Double Agent (by future LMDS guest Bruno Faidutti). Klaus Teuber is messing about with the Catan Card Game (which you can read all about on the Catan site) and Reiner Knizia’s pirate treasure-grabbing fest Loot (aka Korsar) is being reissued for the umpteenth time this July through Asyncron. Phew.

It may have been out a while, but Fantasy Flight have put a video up on their site for the huge (and I mean huge, I had a copy sent to me yesterday and I could well live in the box)  Horus Heresy. The video has the game’s designer Jeff Tidball and Games Workshop’s Alan Merrett (amongst others) discussing this new version. While it’s a bit fluffy – remarkable for an £80 two-player game that’s actually pretty hardcore – it’s nice to see people talking about something that they so obviously loved putting together. Worth a watch, even if you can’t stump up the cash for what is an excellent release.

Last of all – game competitions are pretty regular occurences in Germany, and this week saw the announcement of one for FITS, the Tetris-ish game of shape manipulation. Events will take place all over the country until next March to find the best FITS players in all of Deutschland, who will then battle each other for the title of FITSMeister and… ummm… well, that’s it. No other prizes bar the glory of some people knowing you’re really good at filling in gaps. Still, at least you’d know that you’re the champion at something, and knowing is half the battle.

Episode 3 of The Little Metal Dog Show podcast will be up on Monday, and it’s a good one. There’s an interview with Pandemic / Forbidden Island designer Matt Leacock (who graciously agreed to go for a second run after my computer ate the file from the first time we spoke) as well as a talk with documentary director Lorien Green. Her project, Going Cardboard, takes a fascinating look at the world of boardgaming and is in the final stages of being put together for an end of year release – more information is available on her site, but you get to hear her first on LMD. Thanks as always for reading, and if you want to get in touch, email or nudge me on Twitter; I’m idlemichael. Cheers!


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