The Little Metal Dog Show – Episode 4

OK, so we’re back with another show. Episode 4 has another pair of splendid interviews, as always from different areas of the industry. First off, I chat with Charles Ryan, the marketing manager at Esdevium Games (the UK’s biggest distributor of… well, pretty much everything in games, from board games to RPGs and more besides). Then there’s a great talk (if I say so myself) with one of the world’s most famous and popular designers – Bruno Faidutti. If you don’t have one of his games in your collection, what are you doing?!

Enjoy the show and let me know what you think! Email me on or poke me on Twitter – you can find me at – and as always, cheers for listening!


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One response to “The Little Metal Dog Show – Episode 4

  1. The G

    Had some exams recently so only just catching up with the news but another good show.

    Because of Bruno’s accent I thought he was a computer voice ratherand you were doing to Joypod thing of pretend interviews 😛 I quickly realsied he was real though.

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