News and Stuff – 18th June 2010

This weekend sees the Final of the Ticket To Ride World Championships, taking place in the French town of Issy-les-Moulineaux at the Musée de la Carte à Jouer. Qualifiers have spent the last few months playing games all over the world in a bid to make it to this last blow-out and Saturday will see a series of matches taking place using various TtR set-ups. If you fancy watching it, you can go through the Days of Wonder website or Tric Trac TV – the overall winner will receive the glory of being recognised as the world’s best player, but will also walk off with a shiny set of gold train pieces and a trip on the legendary Orient Express – although surely that should be a prize for the winner of the Mystery Express championship (if that ever happens…)? The fun starts at 12 noon local time (11am in the UK, middle of the night in the US, I think).

Next up, while the more noted geeks amongst us will more than happily drag a few games along whenever we go on holiday, there’s not many of us who are able to have a whole vacation entirely based on games. However, now you – yes YOU – have the opportunity to spend your valuable time with one of the men behind everyone’s favourite gaming community. Board Game Geek’s very own Derk Solko is guest of honour on Geek Nation Tours Essen 2010 extravaganza, details of which you can find right here. Having looked through the itinerary, it actually looks pretty cool – Germany offers a lot more than just games, and people who take up this trip will experience the best it has to offer, including (of course!) plenty of beer und schnitzel. Wonder if I can get out of work?

As for the rest of the news… well, there’s not much except a few announcements of upcoming releases. The Mayfair version of Martin Wallace’s Automobile has finally had all artwork confirmed and shoudl be out by late Summer – Martin will also be a guest on an upcoming episode of the podcast! The latest iteration of the Out Of The Box 10 Days in… series has also just seen the light of day, this time seeing players travelling through the Americas – one day I’ll actually give this one a go! There’s also an expansion to the Frag Gold Edition (entitled FTW – they know their audience!) that seems to be offering pretty much more of the same – that’s due soon, as is AEG’s very pretty looking City of Thieves… So many games, so little time.

In show news, subscriber figures are still going crazy – over 2600 people now get the show automatically through iTunes, and there’s also a healthy amount grabbing the show directly from the site. Thank you to each and every single one of you – I’m still amazed that anyone listens, but appreciate that you take the time to do so. Obviously, if you want to get in touch, you can email me at  – always gratefully received! There’s also going to be a rather splendid competition when episode five is released, so keep an eye out…


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