News & Stuff – 9th July 2010

What’s better than sitting outside in your local beer garden? This week’s Little Metal Dog News, of course!

It’s actually a bit of a slow news week, but what’s out there’s pretty interesting. First up – brought to my attention by LMD listener Roger Faires – is a top idea from TerrorBull Games to finance their next release as well as put a bit of money in the pocket of Amnesty International. The makers of the infamous War On Terror (as seen on everyone’s favourite geek extravaganza The IT Crowd!) are offering up the chance for members of the playing public to appear in the next edition of the game. The six different note denominations will each have a different picture chosen by the winners of a selection of eBay auctions that are currently running (and here’s a link to one of them!). They end next Friday (July 16th) at noon GMT – winners of the auctions will get their own collectors edition of the game as well as the fame and glory of being on the bank notes. It’s a great concept and I hope that TerrorBull raise a bundle for Amnesty – it’s an incredily worthwhile charity! I’ll get in touch with the guys at the company after the auctions are complete to see if we can show off who the winners are – so for now, go and bid! Bid now!

Next up, Summoner Wars. One of the most entertaining games I’ve played recently, Colby Dauch (who appeared on the show a while back) has released an onslaught of news from Plaid Hat Games regarding some new expansions. I recently got my hands on both the Vanguards and Fallen Kingdom decks and they’re both excellent additions to an already great game. The forthcoming premium board is also pretty much ready to roll and should be in the hands of those who pre-ordered by September at the very latest. While Summoner Wars is perfectly good with the included board, a heavy duty hard board will certainly be another welcome addition. For more regular updates from Colby, he’s updating the BGG page with alarming regularity.

It seems that a week can’t pass without mention of some awards, and this time you’re getting a double header. The recent Origins expo in Ohio, USA saw some interesting games get the nod in a range of categories. Check out these for a random bunch:

  • Best Board Game went to Games Workshop’s Space Hulk (seriously? Yes, it’s good and all, but you can’t buy it!)
  • Best Card Game – Poo: The Card Game from Catalyst Games (looks… interesting!)
  • Best Children’s, Party or Family Game – Looney Labs’ Are You the Traitor?  (simple Werewolf / Mafia style goodness) 
  • Best Historical Board Game – Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel! from Academy Games (looks to be insanely well respected, but way beyond my brain!)
  • Best Historical Miniature Game Rules – Wings of War: WWII, Deluxe Edition by Nexus (a load of fun, even better with mini planes all over the table)
  • They’re actually a pretty good bunch, but the selection of Space Hulk surprises me greatly. What was basically a limited edition, uber-expensive reprint is worthy enough to be deemed Game of the Year? Interesting. Especially considering the Games Workshop aren’t the most popular company out there…

    Anyway, more awards. This time, the annual ENnies (aka the Gen Con EN World RPG Awards) nominations list are out as of today. While LMD mainly focuses on board and card gaming, I must admit to enjoying a bit of tabletop RPG action and there’s not much better than curling up on the sofa reading through a hefty manual. Looking through the list, there’s a fair few interesting looking games there, but I was particularly pleased to see UK based company Cubicle 7 up for their excellent Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space set – there’s a full review on this very blog too! However, if anything deserves to win, I really really want Lucha Libre Hero to pick up an award – building characters based around Mexican wrestling? Who wouldn’t love that?

    And that’s your lot for now. The next episode of the podcast is currently being edited and tinkered with – there’s an interview with Mathew Anderson from Petroglyph Games (makers of the upcoming Graxia releases as well as the Panzer General series) and a huge – and really entertaining – chat with Antony Brown from Dice Maestro. You’ve got to listen, it’s brilliant. Mental, but brilliant. As well as that, Chris will be returning to help me out with your questions, so drop me a line at  – cheers as always!



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    2 responses to “News & Stuff – 9th July 2010

    1. glad you got the linky about war on terror! an excellent idea by them. I hope the winner submits a good picture! looking forward to the summoner wars decks!

    2. Jonnyalpha

      You can’t buy Space Hulk but some of us already have it! Mwahahahahaha! Are we going to get the next ep before you head off to the states? Pretty please.

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