News & Stuff – 16th July 2010

Regular readers and listeners will know that I’m a sucker for a decent card game, especially if it offers something a little bit different – not that there’s anything wrong with monsters and demons and wizards and such things, but sometimes it’s good to have a change. To that end, my interest was piqued when I heard that a new games publisher called Interaction Point have a couple of new releases with some interesting themes coming up: Third and Long and Knock Down, Drag Out. The latter sees between three and ten players participating in a last man standing Wild West bar-room brawl, while the former is a two-player effort based around the genteel sport of American Football. Being a fan of the San Diego Chargers (something of a rarity over here in the UK) I wanted to see how it played, and a review should be up here on the blog soon. Both games are available from the publisher’s site (which is right here) and – with luck – I should be speaking with Brent Evanger, the man behind Interaction Point, for an upcoming episode.

In re-issue news, the always awesome Betrayal at House on the Hill is coming out again (hopefully I’ll be able to get a copy – it’s slated to come out on my birthday, October 5). This second edition is coming out through Avalon Hill, with players building a haunted house by laying tiles – during the game, one player secretly becomes a traitor who must wipe out their ex-playmates without being discovered. Ahhhh, suspicion! Copies of the first edition change hands for silly money at the moment, so hopefully this new version will still have all the gameplay for an affordable price. More information over at the official site, right here.

Next, a follow up on last week’s War On Terror story, which saw TerrorBull offer players the opportunity to appear on the banknotes to be included in the next edition of the game. Six auctions were launched on eBay, with the winners having the image of their choice put on their own note. Half of the money goes to the company to help finance their next release, with the other 50% going straight to Amnesty International. The auctions ended earlier today with the total raised hitting £1828 – the largest ending price was the £500M note which closed at £510 (in real money). Good work to the guys at TerrorBull, and congratulations to the winning bidders!  

That’s about it for this week, aside from the news that the sixth episode of the podcast will be available some time this weekend – I’m just putting the finishing touches to it now. As always, I’m inordinately happy that more people have come on to talk about some random topics; this time I was lucky enough to speak with Mathew Anderson from Petroglyph Games about their upcoming releases, including some rather interesting crossover releases under the Graxia brand. Dice Maestro’s Anthony Brown then joins me to talk about what they’re up to, followed by an entertaining look at why some people hate dice (and what we can do to convince them that chaos is natural).

The podcast now has just over 5000 subscribers worldwide, and I’d like to thank every single one of you who listen and read. To celebrate the milestone (and the fact that I never even considered that anything more than a handful of people would actually download it!) I’ll be announcing a competition when the next episode is released. I can promise that the prize is well worth having, but you may have to do some work for it…!


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  1. Jonnyalpha

    5000 listeners! That’s immense. Well done Michael.

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