Episode 6 now available!

The latest episode of the podcast is now done and ready for your listening pleasure! As always, the iTunes update takes a little while, but it should be available later on today. However, if you’re impatient, you can listen directly by clicking on this link right here – if you’d like to save it, just right click instead. Episode 6 of The Little Metal Dog Show – as always – has a couple of interviews for you to enjoy. This time, I’m talking with Mathew Anderson from Petroglyph Games and Dice Maestro’s Antony Brown. Mathew tells me about Petroglyph’s move in boardgaming; as a company borne from video games (many of the staff are former members of Westwood Studios) they have an interesting concept of crossover. Meanwhile, Antony and I discuss why some people are aleaphobic (work it out!), talk about his games and introduce a brand new variant that shakes up an old classic to make it that little more fair. Finally, I’m joined by the charming Chris Swaffer to tackle your questions on… well, whatever you want to ask, really.

Thanks for listening as always, and if you have any feedback / questions / whatever, do get in touch. You can find me on twitter at @idlemichael or email me! The address is littlemetaldog@gmail.com – cheers! And keep an eye out for the upcoming LMD5000 competition – details coming very soon.



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4 responses to “Episode 6 now available!

  1. loved Anthony browns piece. made me feel real smart like 🙂

  2. Tyler

    I agree with the need for randomness in games and would like to offer this point in support.
    Richard Garfield has a podcast and in one episode he talks about injecting randomness into games. He poses a unique thought experiment that illuminates the real role that randomness plays in games. He said this:
    Assume that there is a new chess variant where at the end of the game the loser gets to role a six sided dice and if they role a six then they win the game instead. If you were to introduce this variant into all real tournament play, then how would this impact chess standings in the long run? The neat thing is that after enough games the standings would be what they were if there was no dice rule. In games of strategy the people who play the better…strategies will win if there is no luck in the game. Lack of randomness will only impair the ability for lesser experienced players to enjoy a game. (assuming that players enjoy games they have a chance of winning more than games they know they can’t win)
    Dice is a great way to add randomness in a game system.
    Anyway thanks for the podcast I have enjoyed listening to all of them.

  3. what Tyler said. great way of putting it! my copy of Jurassic wars has arrived will play it later. i think it was £10 on amazon.

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