So, if you’re a regular visitor to the Little Metal Blog or have listened to the show, you’ll now know that the podcast has passed the 5000 subscribers milestone. To show my appreciation for every single one of you, I thought I’d do a bit of a giveaway – and what better thing to give away than a game?

Now, I could go begging to designers or shops or publishers or whatever, but that wouldn’t be in the spirit of the thing now, would it? So, for one lucky winner, I’m going to buy them a game. Whatever you like like. Within reason, of course – I’m far from loaded, but I’m sure we can come to an agreement…

What do you have to do then? Well, you have two options. First (and probably simplest) is emailing me at littlemetaldog@gmail.com with a suggestion of someone you’d like me to try and get on the show to interview, and why. That’ll get you one entry. Second is writing a review of the show on iTunes – and be honest, if you think I can do better, say so, but be constructive! That’ll get you an entry too. If you like, you can do both to double your chances.

Entries close at midnight (GMT) on August 5, 2010. One prize only, and the winner will be selected using one of the many fine randomisation sites out there. I’ll even shoot a video to announce it – fair’s fair!

Good luck, and cheers for supporting the show.



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