A bit of news, plus: LMD5000 – The Winner!

After a mini sabbatical, travelling around the huge thing that is California and destroying my lower back in the process (I’m laid up in bed as I type this, dosed up on three different types of painkillers) – I’m back!

It’s been nice having a little time away, but I’m now raring to get back into all things Little Metal Dog. Episode 7 of the podcast should be up early next week, and I’ve spent most of today emailing potential guests for upcoming episodes. Most of these, of course, have come from suggestions made by you guys as part of the LMD5000 competition I announced a couple of weeks back. I’m pleased to say that the response was massive, so thank you all who emailed or left a review on iTunes. Having just checked the feed, LMD has now hit just over 7300 subscribers – I’m utterly gobsmacked! Cheers to you all for listening.

But I suppose you’d like to know who won, yeah?

Well, I’m not doing a video, because that’s a bit tricky when you’re horizontal. You’ll have to trust me! Every entry was written down on a big list alongside the person who came up with it, then given a number. The next step was to head over to the good people at random.org to use their number generator – I set up the parameters, clicked ‘Generate’ and…

…well, congratulations to regular listener Gingineer! His number game up, although I’m not sure that Steph will be up for an interview. I’ll certainly try and get hold of Steve Jackson Games premier illustrator John Kovalic though.

Seriously, you guys came up with so many good suggestions, from designers to writers, even other podcasters. I’ll spend my time over the next few days getting in touch with as many of them as possible and hopefully we’ll have plenty of interviews sorted for upcoming episodes of The Little Metal Dog Show. Thanks again to everyone – maybe I’ll do something else for when we hit 10,0000 subscribers!



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2 responses to “A bit of news, plus: LMD5000 – The Winner!

  1. pinkbatgirl

    Congrats Gingineer ^_^

    And Michael…. 10,0000 listeners?! Is that a comma in the wrong place or an extra zero? I’m hoping an extra zero so that there’s another competition very soon judging by the rate your subscribers are shooting up!!

  2. I have one thing to say to that… Cracking! *does a little dance* I’ll have to give the prize a little thought. Also it is great as the misses can’t complain to another game if I won it!! 🙂
    best pick one with a small box though!
    hope you enjoyed your holidays Michael!

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