Little Metal Dog Show – Episode 8 now available!

Fancy a listen? Episode 8 is here (right click and save to download) and on iTunes!

Another top pair of interviews on the latest episode of The Little Metal Dog Show. First up, I got to speak with Tim Fowers from Gabob. Responsible for Wok Star – one of the most talked about games at this years Origins and GenCon events – Tim tells us all about what the game is about, what it’s like having the Next Big Thing on your hands and Gabob’s plans for the future. Then it’s on to a chat with James Wallis, one of the guys (and a designer himself) behind the forthcoming BoardGameCamp event taking place in London this October for both designers and players alike. For more information, check out! Thanks as always for listening, and if you’d like to get in touch with the show just email

Also, as mentioned in the show, have a look at this video to see Wok Star in action. Honest, it’ll make more sense!

There. Now, don’t you want one?




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3 responses to “Little Metal Dog Show – Episode 8 now available!

  1. Michael, thank you for having me on the show. Here’s a few clickable follow-ups:

    Dark Cults: — the author Kenneth Rahman has credits on Divine Right, Knights of Camelot and Down With The King.
    Cadbury Spots vs Stripes and the shortlist for the Pocketgame competition

  2. great show. i ate my cadburies spots vs stripes bar whilst listening (it has white and milk chocolate 🙂 i must dissapoint your guest, as i didn’t play the game included…
    i must admit i haven’t been a gamer long enough to judge if the industry is picking up as he said. i have seen alot more talk about board games and even saw settlers in wh smiths recently, but would posters here agree with that notion? are board games comming back and why is this?

  3. Wok Star looks like total fun!

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