New LMDS episode available!

Yup, episode number 9 is now out there on the internet for you to listen to. This time around it’s a kid’s gaming special, complete with an extra interview – three for the price of two! We start with a chat with listener Campfire Burning about the games he enjoyed (and hated) when he was young, followed up by spending some time with Susan Morris and her splendid D&D module specifically designed for younger players: Heroes of Hesiod (previously mentioned on this blog post right here). Finally, the busiest man on earth (Daniel Solis) joins me to discuss his junior RPG Happy Birthday Robot, the truly random Do and other projects. Chris also joins me – as usual – to answer your questions. If you want to get in touch, it couldn’t be easier – you can email on or nudge us on Twitter. I’m @idlemichael and Chris is @RallyIV. Cheers for listening!

Oh, and here’s a few links you may find useful:

Susan Morris’ site can be found at – high quality writing and all round greatness!

Daniel Solis lives at – well worth reading!

Daniel mentioned Pentago in our interview, and now I want a copy.



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6 responses to “New LMDS episode available!

  1. Jonathan Leech

    Hi Michael, haven’t listened to the show yet, it’s downloading as I type this, but wanted to advise you to get Pentago asap. It’s great in a brain-melting “I didn’t see that coming” kind of way. Painful but fun in a good way. I’d suggest you get the card game Set for similarly brain mushing mayhem.

    • idlemichael

      I’ve actually got Set – I first played it a few years back when I did some guest puzzle designs for the Perplex City ARG. The guys behind it were big fans of Set and got me into it – such a quick game, but loads of opportunity to break your brain!

  2. Enjoyed listening to the show very much! Thanks for answering the question regarding introducing young kids to RPGs – I thought the discussion with Susan Morris was very useful and I’ll look into that range by D&D a bit more.

  3. interesting show. i’m not a D and D player but i’m interested to give the kids version a go. would it double as a beginners game of D and D?

    • idlemichael

      Oh, definitely – it covers the basics of combat very well. Of course you’re not going to get the whole exploring / full on role playing aspect, but it’s still worth giving a go!

  4. I will watch the LMDS games with added interest and enthusiasm.I like all the games especially Campfire Burning and Daniel Solis very much.

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