Episode 12 is now available!

The twelfth (and longest ever!) episode of The Little Metal Dog Show is now available for you to download by clicking this link (if that’s how you prefer it). Of course, you can pick it up through iTunes as well, where I’d be rather appreciative if you’d care to put a bit of a review of the show up! This episode has a discussion about the state of the UK industry with Steve Buckmaster, the Head of Sales over at Esdevium Games. As the UK’s largest distributor of games, they know what’s going on. Apologies if we sound like we’re down a well, but that’s the joy of doing an interview away from LMD Towers!

I’m then joined by Stephen Buonocore, one of the founders of the recently launched Stronghold Games. They’re making a name for themselves by releasing beautifully put-together reissues of classics like Code 777 and Survive: Escape from Atlantis (reviewed here!). We discuss their current release schedule, plans for the future and why on earth anyone would start a new company in the middle of a worldwide slump. As always I’m joined by Chris to answer a few questions at the end of the show, and if you’d like to get involved you can fire off an email to littlemetaldog@gmail.com. Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy the show!

Links for this episode:

Find Your Game Store – http://www.findyourgamestore.co.uk/

McMulti – http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/147/crude-the-oil-game



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