Under The Boardwalk competition – And the winner is…

Hey there! Hope you had a good Christmas and Santa brought you all of the things you wanted. It may the the 26th of December but that doesn’t mean that presents still can’t be given out, and that includes a little something from The Little Metal Dog Show. As mentioned when the last episode went out (featuring a fantastic interview with Kevin Tostado) I had a signed copy of the wonderful documentary Under The Boardwalk to give away. All I wanted to know was the year that Monopoly first came out in the USA – a suitably vague question that produced a wide range of answers from many people! In all honesty, pretty much everyone who entered gave a correct answer of sorts. While the game was patented by Charles Barrow and Parker Brothers in 1935, versions of Monopoly were actually around for many years prior to that – even the original Landlord’s Game that it’s based on could be considered as right.

It’s a curious tale that Under The Boardwalk tells wonderfully, along with an in-depth look at the last Monopoly World Championships. I really recommend taking a look at the documentary’s official site and picking up a copy of the film.  Unless you’re the lucky winner, Brian H Graham, in which case you’re getting it for free! Congratulations to Brian and thank you to everyone who entered – keep an eye out for more competitions in the near future!


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