Episode 16 now available

It’s a bit of an internet celebrity special this time around on The Little Metal Dog Show! Episode 16 sees me joined by two people I’ve been big fans of for a long time and I’m overjoyed to have them on this episode. First of all, Jeff Cannata from the wonderful Totally Rad Show joins me – as a new(ish) gamer, he’s enjoying some incredible experiences and is spreading the word to thousands of people on TRS. His games evangelism can only be eclipsed by one man and he’s on the show as well… it’s the one and only Scott Nicholson! Moving on from five years of producing his legendary Board Games With Scott video podcast, he’s now making a new show: The Game Professor. We discuss everything from what made him stop BGWS to why so many video gamers are looking to new pastures (and why Scott loves the 18XX series of games so much). Chris returns from his Bridezilla taming antics to help me answer your questions – send them to littlemetaldog@gmail.com! Enjoy the show!

Of course, it’s available on iTunes, but if you’re after a direct download you should right click on this link here.

This episode’s links!

Scott Nicholson’s site (which has links to everything ever!) can be found at http://www.scottnicholson.com/

You can find The Game Professor at http://www.boardgameinfo.com

Scott’s collected lectures are found by clicking here – cheers to Daniel Solis for that!

Jeff Cannata lives online at http://jeffcannata.com/

And The Totally Rad Show can be found at http://revision3.com/trs/episodes/page02.html

As always, thank you for listening!



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2 responses to “Episode 16 now available

  1. Jonathan Powell

    Fantastic podcast! I listened because you were interviewing Scott Nicholson and really enjoyed it. Now I am downloading all your previous podcasts. You are a great interviewer. I especially enjoyed the interviews with Scott Nicholson, Colby Dauch, Bruno Faidutti, and Matt Leacock. I’m your number one fan in Ukraine!

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