The first weekend of June sees the 2011 UK Games Expo take place in Birmingham. This annual event has really been building up a decent reputation over the last few years (and you can read about my thoughts on last year’s expo right here if you fancy). Covering pretty much everything from the world of gaming, if you head down you’ll be able to experience everything from board games, RPGs, tournament play, miniatures wargames… If you can imagine it, you’ll find it there. This year also sees the introduction of a Family Zone that focuses on bringing people together through play. There’ll also be plenty of vendors selling the new hotness and old classics, plus the return of the legendary Bring and Buy Sale. If you want to snag some serious rarities or just top up your collection, I recommend checking that out often.

Something I’m very excited about this time around are the seminars. Last year’s show had some very interesting talks, not least Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone’s one on the Fighting Fantasy books where I geeked out massively. This year though? Well… the UK Gaming Media Network – of which The Little Metal Dog Show is a part – are taking over running and organising the talks. Think of it like the panels at Comic Con, but nerdier and better.

The team have already sorted out a few different panels on an array of different subjects. Obviously the most exciting one will be the one I’m presenting – the Designers Discussion Panel! I’ll be chatting with a few of the best games designers that the UK has to offer, finding out what motivates them, how they work and what upcoming releases they’ll be unleashing upon the world. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask the panel their own questions, and we’ve got some big names…

On the RPG side, Paco from GMS Magazine will be fronting the Role Playing Panel which will no-doubt be cracking! There’s also a UKGMN talk where a bunch of us will discuss gaming in the UK and what folks can do to promote it further. More information is available on the Expo’s page devoted to the seminars, which will be kept up to date with everything you need to know. Tickets to the event are available soon (mid-April, it would seem) so keep an eye out!


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