Start (Again)

So, welcome to what people more media-minded than I would probably refer to as a soft relaunch.

The Little Metal Dog Show is growing up a little. The site is getting bigger as more and more people are stopping by every day to see what we’re up to. In order to look just that little bit more professional, you may have noticed that we now have an official home on the internet: is the new hub for reviews, interviews, random opinion pieces and – of course – the podcast. There’s a new look that’s a bit of a work in progress – invariably there’ll be a few changes here and there as time progresses, so don’t be afraid to let us know what works and what doesn’t. Also, to make life easier, there’s now an alphabetical list of the reviews done so far on the site – link’s at the top of the page.

The main thing though? This is no longer a one man show. Chris, who constantly helps out with answering questions on the show, and the wonderful Campfire Burning are now an official part of the team. Along with a squad of guest writers, we aim to make The Little Metal Dog Show a place to come to for quality writing about gaming of all kinds. We also hope to push the podcast from strength to strength, interviewing people from the world of games and beyond. If they’ve got something interesting to say, we want to speak to them.

None of this is possible without you though. The readers and listeners are what drive us to do this, so thank you for supporting us so far. We hope we keep you entertained for as long as we can, and feel free to get in touch on our shiny new email:



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5 responses to “Start (Again)

  1. The new site looks awesome! Kudos!

  2. Congratulations Michael for the relaunch and for the inclusion of Chris to the team. I will be looking forward to hear/read you.

    Greetings from Ecuador


  3. Gingineer

    ooooh shiney

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