The King and Queen of Kickstarter (and more news besides)

Let’s have a bit of a news round up. Been a while since we’ve done one of those!

First of all, a couple of brilliant bits of news from some friends of the show, both of whom have been using Kickstarter to try and help their current projects along a bit. If you’re unaware of the site, Kickstarter allows people to open up their ideas to crowdsourced funding – you can give as little or as much as you please to them, and if (and only if!) their target is reached they get the funding. A few companies have used it to finance production of board games, notably Clever Mojo’s Alien Frontiers, but any idea is potentially viable.

Lorien Green’s Going Cardboard documentary is nearly finished and requires that final bit of polish to really make it shine – in order to get it into shape, she needed a professional editor on board, as well as get help with financing the production of the DVD. After only a couple of days, the community pulled together and I’m delighted to say that the target was reached, though you can still donate if you like – there’s plenty of very tempting rewards available for backers!

Another film that’s been covered on the show – Under The Boardwalk – is finished and actually showing in cinemas. Kevin Tostado’s excellent documentary on Monopoly has just finished an incredibly successful run in San Diego (at the same cinema my wife and I went to watch Harry Potter the day we got married – awwwww!). Their campaign was to finance screenings in as many locations as possible and came to a close last night. I’m very pleased to announce that they hit their target even thought it came down to the wire, and they’ll be organising a tour soon!

Have a look at this video – Kevin explains it a lot better than I can!

Congratulations to both Lorien and Kevin. Their films are both wonderful and deserve to be seen by as many folks as possible, so keep an eye out for screenings and DVD releases!


Next – competition winners! The recent WoWTCG competition we ran here on The Little Metal Dog Show was amazingly popular with well over 100 entries. The winners of a Worldbreaker Epic Collection (one each, as supplied by the charming folks at Tomy) were Jonny Roberts from the UK and Karlis Liegis from Riga in Latvia. I didn’t even know we had listeners in Latvia… anyway, enjoy the sets! They’re very lovely and I’m very jealous – thanks go specially to Rob at Tomy UK for helping out with the sets.


Finally, upcoming stuff on the podcast and site. There’s some really interesting interviews on the next few episodes of the show including a chat with Todd Rowland from AEG about the incredibly successful Thunderstone (plus their new game, Nightfall and more). I chat about taking D&D to it’s most challenging level with Sersa from Save Versus Death and I’ll also be at the UK D&D Tweetup next Saturday at Nottingham’s Mondo Comico! There’s a piece being organised with Elke Rogersdotter, an actual archaeologist who has studied the gaming habits of ancient civilisations that will hopefully be recorded soon… For your reading pleasure, there are a pile of reviews on their way including Dragonspire, Rallyman and Pirate Fluxx, as well as the start of a regular column from Campfire Burning that I think is fantastic – I hope you will too.

In the meantime, thanks as always for listening to the show and supporting the site! Happy gaming!


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  1. Michael,

    Thanks for the coverage and for the support all throughout our campaign!


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