Episode 19 – Down in the Dungeon

This episode kind of unintentionally turned into a bit of a Dungeons & Dragons special! I was recently asked to tag along to the UK D&D Tweetup, held in Nottingham’s rather splendid Mondo Comico store. A whole bunch of people hanging out, having a grand old time and playing D&D was too much to turn down, so I grabbed the laptop and did a bit of recording (so apologies for the slightly dodgy sound quality!). There’s a chunk of the adventure I got involved in as well as quick chats with Sy, our illustrious DM, and event organiser Adam – an excellent time was had by all! I also got to speak to Sersa from SaveVersusDeath.com about the rising Fourthcore movement, taking Dungeons and Dragons to the limit. He firmly believes that it’s possible to push players into challenging scenarios without turning yourself into a Killer DM, as shown in their first published adventure – Revenge of the Iron Lich!

Don’t forget to leave your comments on the show here, chuck a review up on iTunes or even drop an email over – my address is michael@littlemetaldog.com. Grab the show off iTunes or (if you’re no fan of Steve Jobs) get it directly from here – just right click and save! Thanks as always for listening!

Show links:

Wizards D&D Page – http://www.wizards.com/dnd/

Mondo Comico’s Twitter, Nottingham’s finest comics store! – http://twitter.com/mondocomico

UK D&D Tweetup Twitter account – http://twitter.com/UKDNDTweetup

Symatt’s Twitter – http://twitter.com/symatt

Andy’s Twitter – http://twitter.com/blindgeekuk

Save Versus Death – http://www.saveversusdeath.com/

Sersa’s Twitter – http://twitter.com/saveversusdeath


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