Episode 21 now available – Design Time

A confession: this episode was due to have two interviews. The first, with Mark Thomas (who designed House of Spirits for Lock ‘n Load Publishing which you can read the review of here) is splendid and sounded great! We talk about what it’s like to get your first game from a simple idea in your brain through to seeing it sold in stores – very useful for aspiring designers, myself included. The second interview, with archaeologist Elke Rogersdotter, was sadly eaten by my computer. I think enough will be salvageable to put together a written piece though, so keep an eye out for a piece on gaming on the ancient site of Mohenjo-daro!

I’m pleased to say that this episode is brought to you in association with the lovely folks over at eaglegames.net – makers of fine games like Defenders of the Realm, Railways of the World and Through The Ages amongst many others. If you pick up anything direct from their website and put the coupon code ‘LittleMetalDog’ in at the checkout, you’ll get 20% off your purchases – pretty sweet. Also, if you’re in the continental United States, you’ll get free shipping if you spend over $30! Have a look over at Eagle Games by clicking on the button below and tell them that Little Metal Dog sent you…

As always, thank you for listening – if you want to get in touch with the show, drop us an email on show@littlemetaldog.com and we’ll answer anything you can throw at us. Well, we’ll try to at least…  The show is available directly from here or, as always, from iTunes. Feel free to drop a review if you’re in the mood!


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