Episode 25 – On the Cards

Goodness me, somehow we’ve managed to wend our way to a quarter century of episodes! Have a listen right here or grab the episode from iTunes!

This time around I’m joined first by Johnny O’Neal, brand manager over at Spin Master, to talk about their latest CCG Redakai. Based on a new cartoon series, it’s aimed at a younger market but that doesn’t mean that we’re looking at a lazily thrown together license – Redakai has a design team behind it that has a fistful of Magic: The Gathering champions at the helm, as well as Ascension – Chronicle of the Godslayer‘s Justin Gary. Couple that with a truly innovative card system (they’re 3D and lenticular!) and this could bring a whole new generation of gamers to the hobby. After that, I speak with David Sirlin, creator of one of 2010’s greatest games, Yomi. With a heritage in video games – most notably 2D fighters – David has created a beat ’em up using cards and a Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanic. It’s a brilliant game that deserves your attention (check out my review right here).

As usual, you can get in touch with the show via email (mine’s michael@littlemetaldog.com) or follow on Twitter (@idlemichael). Also, as mentioned in the show, we’re aiming to get over to Essen for the Spiel ’11 convention, so if you ever thought about donating, now would be a good time!

Now… show links anyone?

Eagle Games, this episode’s sponsor – http://www.eaglegames.net/Default.asp

Redakai official site – http://www.redakai.com/

Spin Master – http://www.spinmaster.com/

Sirlin Games – http://www.sirlingames.com/

Play Yomi (and more) online – http://www.fantasystrike.com/

The Dice Tower Network – http://dicetower.com/


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