Episode 27 – Back to Normality

The Little Metal Dog Show is very much like a London bus – you wait ages for one to show up, then get two within a few days. This one is back to the normal interviews format as I’m joined by the founders of two independent companies who are creating some great games. First of all, from Indie Boards and Cards, I speak to Travis Worthington – currently finishing off their biggest game ever (Flash Point – Fire Rescue), they’re a small company who are responsible for some great titles, especially The Resistance. I also get to talk with Justin Gary, a former Magic: The Gathering pro-tour champion who moved on to designing his own stuff and formed his own company, Gary Games. Makers of Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer and the follow up Return of the Fallen set, we cover card gaming in all its glory…

You can get the episode from iTunes or download it directly from here. As always, if you’d like to get in touch with the show, if couldn’t be easier – you can email me over on michael@littlemetaldog.com and find me on Twitter under the name of @idlemichael. Do get in touch – it’d be a pleasure to hear from you!

Don’t forget, we’re ramping up for the year’s Essen SPIEL show. I’ll be heading over to Germany to interview as many people as possible, finding out what they’re up to at the moment and what games they have planned for the future. Of course, if you fancy helping out and donating to the show that’d be welcomed – it’s a little difficult walking across the English Channel…

Right. Enough talk, more links!

Indie Boards and Cards site – http://www.indieboardsandcards.com/

Flash Point – Fire Rescue’s Kickstarter site – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2012515236/flash-point-fire-rescue

Gary Games’ / official Ascension site – http://www.ascensiongame.com/

The Story of the GenCon Ascension Championship – http://www.ascensiongame.com/news-archive/item/aaron-sulla-the-godslayer





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