Michael vs Game Night Guys – Round Two

For some inexplicable reason, the charming gents over at Game Night Guys asked me on to the latest episode of their fine show. Brian and Mike are always a pleasure to listen to; while it’s ostensibly about games, the conversation often meanders into other worlds and their day to day lives. Give it a listen! It’s well worth your time.

After laying down the gauntlet a few weeks ago, I introduce the boys to the grandaddy of the deck-building genre, Dominion. Of course there’s the small problem of us being on opposite sides of the Atlantic, so we faced off over at the Isotropic site where you can always pick up a game for free. If you see littlemetaldog hanging about, poke me for a game!

Thanks to the Game Night Guys for making me feel so welcome. You can get the show on iTunes or listen to it by clicking on this link right here!


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One response to “Michael vs Game Night Guys – Round Two

  1. Thanks for being on the show, Michael. We had a great time with you!

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