Episode 29 – Choose Your Own Podcast

This episode is one of those that makes me feel very lucky indeed. I get to speak with a legend, one of the people who had a major effect on my life as a child, RA Montgomery. As one of the driving forces behind the Choose Your Own Adventure books since the series began way back in the ’70s, the stories that his series put out took me on countless adventures without leaving the comfort of my school’s tiny library. We discuss how the series came to be, the importance of Interactive Fiction as a genre, plans for the future and – most importantly – exactly what was the deal with that secret ending in Inside UFO 54-40?

We also see the return of the fantastic Chris to help out with answering questions (and discuss exactly what he got for his birthday, the lucky bugger). As always, you can catch us both on Twitter (he’s @RallyIV while I’m @idlemichael) or email the show: michael@littlemetaldog.com is the address for your questions next time around.

Oh, and make sure to listen *all* the way to the end. Not that there’s anything there. Oh no.

Behold, this episode’s links:

Direct Download for Episode 29: http://littlemetaldog.podbean.com/mf/web/nwr5m9/LMD_Episode29.mp3

Our sponsor for this episode: Eagle Games present Buy Word and Can’t Stop (both classic Sid Sackson titles!)

The Official Choose Your Own Adventure Site: http://www.cyoa.com/

Mike Ward’s Destiny Quest (as mentioned on the show): http://www.destiny-quest.com/

Information on Kim Newman’s Life’s Lotteryhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life%27s_Lottery









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