Downtime (of the good kind)

I woke up this morning to a message from Campfire Burning on Twitter: “Prepare for your bandwidth to go mental. LMDS has been mentioned on Rock Paper Shotgun.”

If you don’t know, RPS is the rather excellent video games site run by a bunch of Very Talented People. Quinns from Shut Up and Sit Down has been known to write there and – of course – Rab Florence has been doing a column called Cardboard Children for some time on the subject of games that require paper and plastic.

The mention is right here. Rab’s had an idea. Considering how much I go on about games being a social thing, how could I not get involved?

The concept is this. Rab’s old gaming site, Downtime Town, is to be repurposed and transformed into little network where people can post up and say “Hey! We’re having a meet up and games will be played!” – but it’s not about sitting around with the same people you’ve been playing with all the time. Open your social circle. Welcome total strangers, male and female. These little meets, these Downtime Towns, are there so people can meet and interact with each other and – while the focus is on playing these games that we love – just get out there and be sociable. New friendships may form and new creative forces may be spawned, who knows what else?

It’s not about evangelising. It’s not about freaking people out who’ve not played a game in years but are interested in getting back into them and throwing a copy of The Campaign for North Africa on the table shouting “COME AT ME BRO”. It’s about good people and good times in a nice, relaxed location. Could be your house. Could be the pub down the road. I’ll be doing one in Milton Keynes soon if anyone wants to come because this is A Good Idea.

Have a read of the post yourself:

Maybe you’ll be inspired to set your own one up? Maybe you’re a little worried about going the whole hog but you’d perhaps like to tag along to one if someone else set it up? Either way, that’s grand. Let’s do this.


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