Episode 33 – Essen 2011: Day Three

We’re over the hump! Here’s coverage of the third day of the world’s biggest gaming expo, Spiel 2011, straight from Essen in Germany. As you’re now probably used to, the format is a stack of interviews with designers and industry folks from all over the world, all of whom have come to Germany to show and sell new games from all genres. Grab it from iTunes or download it here!

This episode sees me speak with the following lovely examples of humanity…

Sierra Madre Games’ Phil Eklund – http://www.sierramadregames.com/

Hubert Bartos from Rebel Games – http://www.rebelgames.eu/

James Mathe, owner of Minion Games – http://www.miniongames.com/

Rudiger Beyer from Ammonit Games – http://www.ludovin.de/14.html

Andrzej Kurek from SINONIS – http://www.sinonis.pl/indexen.htm

The Z-Man himself, Zev Shlasinger – http://www.zmangames.com/

Vladimir Brummer from Czech Board Games – http://www.czechboardgames.com/

Fragor Games’ very own Gordon Lamont – http://www.fragorgames.com/

Martin Wallace of Treefrog Games – http://www.treefroggames.com/

As always, I’m joined by Paco Jaen from the rather splendid GMS Magazine (which you really should check out: it’s right here) – thanks for listening and be ready for the final episode of Essen coverage… LMDS Episode 34 will be with you soon!

Oh, and thanks to our sponsors for this episode – the lovely Plaid Hat Games and the good folks at Eagle Games. Their support is massively appreciated!


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