Episode 34 – Essen 2011: Day Four

The final episode of The Little Metal Dog Show’s coverage of the 2011 Spiel event brings you another selection of interviews straight from the show floor with designers old and new, all talking about the games that have brought them to Essen. From first time visitors to experienced industry veterans, everything you need to know about some of the most exciting games of the year is here. Grab it from iTunes or download it from here!

The fine people involved in this show are:

Jiří Mikoláš from Jira’s Games, talking about Space Bastards

Anne Cecile from Ludonaute, makers of Shitenno

Bezier Games‘ founder Ted Alspach (and here’s the Kickstarter link for his latest game, Mutant Meeples!)

The legendary Friedemann Friese from 2F Spiele

Kathrin Nos from German boardgame magazine Fairplay

Swan Panasia‘s very own Johannes aka: Joyo!

Konstantinos Kokkinis of Artipia Games (makers of Drum Roll!)

The mighty Stephen Buonocore from Stronghold Games

Though he’s not on this episode (as he ran away halfway through the day!), don’t forget to check out Paco’s excellent podcast and site: G*M*S Magazine – you won’t regret it!

Thanks as always to our podcast sponsors for this episode too: Eagle Games, makers of Pizza Theory (here’s the Kickstarter page) and Plaid Hat GamesDungeon Run.

Next episode will see The Little Metal Dog Show returning to a vague approximation of normality… see you then!

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