Keep On Running – Zombies At Your Heels (p)review

While it’s true that Kickstarter is the go-to place for crowdfunding, there are plenty of other sites out there that help people get their projects off the ground; indiegogo, for example. It doesn’t seem to get the traffic that KS does, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t decent things there that deserve people’s attention. One that could do with a boost is a simple little card game that is looking to do a bit of good as well as entertaining gamers: Zombies At Your Heels.

Designed by Andrew Rowse, a videogame programmer, it’s the usual story of trying to escape the undead horde by throwing everyone else into their gaping maw. Between two and four players get thirteen cards, each one representing a different character that has a variety of attributes and a special ability that will affect either themselves or other survivors. The aim of the game is simple: score as many points as possible by getting your people home.

A game in progress… who will survive?

To do this, you’ll need to manipulate the line of survivors to get your people to the front. Every turn will see a new card played from your hand and added to the group in a position dependent on their speed, then you get the choice to activate their ability and/or another character’s too. By clever manipulation of what options are on offer, you can push your way to the head of the line, meaning they get to escape into the bunker and you score points. If one of your team isn’t at the front of the line, the card in last place is eaten by the zombies – whoever owns it.

Once you’re all down to the last two cards in your hand, the points are tallied and the victor is declared. It’s a quick and simple game, even with four players, and the interest comes from the interaction between cards in the line and what you have in your hand. A couple of good turns can see your slowest characters – who are often the most valuable – get to the safety of the bunker and net you a decent haul of points, but this often leaves you fighting to get the remaining bunch home. It’s a game of balance, not one where you’ll often manage to get a huge lead; most of the time there’s only a few points in it and your victory will depend on good calls at the right time.

A couple of the characters you’ll be responsible for…

Zombies At Your Heels is a decent game that you can support for very little. In fact, a copy of the game will only set you back $15, delivered wherever you are in the world – and better yet, by backing the project you’ll also be supporting one of the best charities out there: Special Effect. They’re a group who develop technology and controllers that help disabled kids to play video games that they’d otherwise be unable to. I’ve met the folks from Special Effect a couple of times and have seen the incredible work they do first hand, so even if you don’t support Zombies At Your Heels, throw a few quid their way anyway!

However, if you don’t back the game, you’ll be missing out on something that is a quality little diversion and well worth handing over your money for. You have until July 9th to back the game over on indiegogo and even have the chance to custom versions of the game featuring your own friends and family. ZAYH only has a small target of $1200 but needs still needs help to get there, so check it out, pledge for a copy and put it down as your good deed for the day.

Also: here’s a video of Andrew explaining the game himself in a much better fashion than I…

Now go and back it!


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  1. Nice to see Indigogo getting a bit of love, backed this one a while back.

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