NEWS: Fox & Chicken is coming soon to Kickstarter…

So, a while ago we attempted our first Kickstarter campaign for Keep Running!, a quick playing card and dice game for up to eight people. Frankly, we aimed for the stars but landed on our asses. Despite doing our very best to spread the word about the game, it just didn’t seem to capture the imagination of the Kickstarter users… maybe it was the time of year (ending it on Christmas eve seemed like such a good idea!), perhaps it was the game itself… who knows. Either way, Keep Running! didn’t set the world alight. We’re still positive about it though and are determined to relaunch it later in the year.

We learned a lot of stuff from that campaign, though. We realised that there were a lot of people who were interested in the projects that we’re dreaming up here at Sprocket Games and The Little Metal Dog Show. We found new ways of getting information about the game out there and are grateful to friends old and new who helped us in our journey. And now, with our latest project, we hope that they’ll hop on board again.

Our latest project is a new take on a classic game. If you have even the vaguest awareness of gaming, you will have invariably played Werewolf. Some people also know it as Mafia, but whatever the name, the premise is the same. Players are given secret roles, some good, some bad. The bad guys have to team up and wipe out the goodies, while the good guys must eliminate the bad. Some special roles can be thrown into the mix that skew the rules somewhat, but you will either win or lose as a team. There’s always a lot of shouting, accusations, pointing and laughs… and we’d like to present our version of the game to you now.

Forget the werewolves. This time around it’s vulpine violence you’ll need to deal with when you play… FOX & CHICKEN.


We’ve spent ages refining Fox & Chicken to make it as appealing as possible. Starting off with hastily scribbled hand-drawn cards one night, we eventually ended up making a full version with great (but simple) cartoon art to play with our friends and family. Then people starting asking for copies of their own and we thought… well, why not open it up even further and see if anyone else is interested? And that’s where we are now.


Next week, we’re going to be launching Fox & Chicken on Kickstarter. We have a modest target that we hope will be attainable. Getting a copy for yourself will be very affordable (no matter where you are in the world!) and we hope that people see it as a great value for money purchase that provides a great gaming experience. We’ve also got some plans up our sleeves that will hopefully draw even more people in, including creating a range of minigames that are exclusively playable with the Fox & Chicken deck. We’re even going to open up the process to everyone, encouraging backers to come up with their own minigames for which – if we choose to include them – they’ll be rewarded with credit and free copies of the game.


Now, we know that games like Werewolf and Mafia can be played without the necessity of cards, but we’d like to think that the version we’re offering is worth pledging your support to. We’ve made sure that our printer is using the highest quality thick cardstock to guarantee that they’ll last you ages. There’s some nice ideas floating around our office regarding stretch goals (including limited edition bonus cards)… and now all we need is to hit that big green button to launch our campaign.

We hope you like the look of what we’ve created. If you’re interested, spread the word where you can and let folks know that we’ll be launching NEXT TUESDAY. That’s April 2nd, 2013. We’d love to get Fox & Chicken from our table to yours, so let’s do it!

Sprocket THANKS


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