Episode 61 – Age Before Beauty

It’s always the same when Daniel Solis comes on the show – we end up covering a wide range of topics and jabbering away for ages… and this time around on Episode 61, it’s more of the same! We chat about how he’s moving into teaching card layout, his adventures into the world of POD with Koi Pond, the upcoming Belle of the Ball (which will be released through Dice Hate Me Games later this year), what it’s like to work on the new Firefly RPG and more! I’m also joined by Brett Murrell, designer of the classic Duel of Ages, as we discuss the decade between the game’s first release and the brand new second edition that’s hitting tables around the world right now. Finally, Matthew Dunstan comes along to talk about Relic Runners which is due by Essen 2013 from Days of Wonder – not too bad considering it’s his first game…

Links? Whyever not.

Download the show from here: http://littlemetaldog.podbean.com/mf/web/r78ksy/LMD_Episode61.mp3

Koi Pond on Drive Thru Cards: http://www.drivethrucards.com/product/113454/Koi-Pond-A-Coy-Card-Game?src=FrontPage

Belle of the Ball at Dice Hate Me Games: http://dicehatemegames.com/games/belle-of-the-ball/

Daniel’s Card Layout Design course on Skillshare: http://www.skillshare.com/Game-Design-Create-Your-Own-Print-Ready-Cards-for-Table-Top-Games/1002733529/285892448?refId=649414&utm_campaign=teacher-referral&utm_source=ShortUrl&utm_medium=teacher-referral

And his insane blog, filled with amazing stuff: http://danielsolisblog.blogspot.co.uk/

More stuff about the Firefly RPG: http://www.margaretweis.com/

Site for Duel of Ages II from Brett Murrell: http://www.duelofages.com/

More information on Relic Runnershttp://www.daysofwonder.com/relic-runners/en/


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