Kickstart Your Weekend – #1 – 15.11.13

Hey all! Michael here with what I plan to be a regular weekly slot where five games campaigns on Kickstarter get a bit of a plug. Perhaps they’re games I really like the look of, maybe it’s a small company who I reckon really deserve a few minutes in the spotlight… whatever it is, if you reckon you have a game that deserves a place on Kickstart Your Weekend, drop me an email on and we’ll see what happens. Here’s this week’s best and brightest:

1. KeyFlower: The Farmers

KeyFlower Farmers

So, this one’s an expansion and is only available for backers in the US – plus there’s less than twelve hours left on the campaign – but I figured that it’d be a good idea for anyone who has played the original KeyFlower and knows just how bloody good it is to jump in and make the game even better. Putting more of an emphasis on agriculture as you build your villages over the course of a year, you’ll score high when breeding animals and growing crops. There’s also a limited amount of promotional Storyteller tiles available, adding a bit more value to your $35 pledge. Copies are actually on their way to the States right now, so they’ll be sent out well before Christmas too. Get in there quickly if you want one.

2. Iron & Ale

Dwarven Lord

We all know that dwarves love a beer or twelve, and in Iron & Ale this passion is combined with a bit of mining, a dash of fighting and a whole lot of challenges. Yes, this is a drinking game (so it’s for grown ups ONLY) where you and your fellow players are looking to rise to the heights of Dwarven King by defeating enemies and collecting honour. Once you’ve done your turn, you must visit the Meadhall (in other words, draw a card) and challenge your opponents in a feat of skill or strength. Stuff like having someone else slap you across the face HARD. Like so:

Want in? $25 sees you get a copy in the US, $40 for Canada, $60 for the Rest of the World. They’re halfway to their $17500 goal with just over three weeks to go. Cheers!

3. Tug O’ Lords


A bit of a curious one, a fantasy card game built around a tug-of-war mechanism. Think DOTA or League of Legends on a tabletop and you’ll see what the designers are looking to achieve with Tug O’ Lords. Boiled down it’s all about controlling armies in a bid to seize your opponent’s castle through playing cards, but it looks pretty interesting in how the game has been balanced. Sure, you could focus your attention on one enemy castle but that means your attention on the other players is way way lower.  It seems like slow and steady is the key with this one, something very different to the usual hectic activity you associate with games of this ilk. With a month left on the clock they still have a fair way to go – nearly $15K – but you can get yourself in on the action for $29.

4. The Amityville Project: Phobos


MAGE Company have shown their skills in producing games with 12 Realms and Wrong Chemistry, but now are taking a huge step with Phobos. Almost funded (they’re at 90% with 26 days left of the campaign), this is a Lovecraftian game with miniatures so you’re pretty much guaranteed that it’s going to be a Kickstarter success. While it initially comes across as something a bit like Arkham Horror, looking deeper into the project reveals that it’s actually VERY different. All players are actually representing different personalities in a single detective who is attempting to solve a case – all you need to do is wipe out the alternate personalities and become the dominant character. Like in 12 Realms, there are LOTS of minis for folks to jump in on that are sure to look great. Secure your copy for a hefty (but actually pretty good value) $100.

5. Tattletale


Last one, and from insanely expensive to totally inexpensive. Tattletale rides on the microgames wave and has players acting as kids in an elementary school for troubled geniuses. With a lot of bluffing and (actual) finger pointing, you’re part of a secret faction looking to gain glory on the playground and seize control of the school. Not only does the game play really well especially with a larger amount of people around the table – I managed to snag a Print and Play version – it also looks fantastic with art from Abby Howard, currently a finalist on Penny Arcade’s Strip Search. If googly eyed monstrous kids are your bag, you can pledge a mere $8 ($13 for worldwide) and get your hands on this one.

And that’s it for this week! More to come next Friday, so if you reckon you’ve seen a decent project or are running one yourself, drop me an email – Oh, and in one shameless final plug, my own campaign for Keep Running by Sprocket Games ends Saturday night, around 7pm UK time. It’s already funded and a shade away from its final stretch goal, so if you take a look it would be delightful!


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