Kickstart Your Weekend – #2 – 22.11.13

Another week and another whole bunch of Kickstarter projects are unleashed! Every Friday The Little Metal Dog Show looks at some of the new and exciting games that have arrived on the site and attempts to draw your attention towards them… Here’s this week’s selection.

1. Pirates!


Kickstarter is has now moved to Australia, and Pirates was one of the first projects to launch celebrating this fact. Pirates is a card and dice game where the players must seize glory as they sail the seven seas – so much so “we’ve heard this before Michael, get on with it”. However, unlike a lot of games where you’re already established as a villain, Pirates seems to start you with the barest of set-ups then sees you actually progress. Gaining extra weapons and upgrading your vessel is the order of the day as you take down merchants aplenty. Sure, it seems to be filled with tropes and is a little factually incorrect (pirates were actually very democratic, you know), but when did facts ever get in the way of a good game? Pick up a copy for $40 AUD which works out at around £23 GBP!

2. Wands


Billing itself as a combination of Magic: The Gathering and UNO (don’t run away, it seems OK!), Wands is a simple to play magical battle game which is way simpler than your average CCG. By casting spells  and counterspells, you’re looking to take your opponent down to zero health. Blasts help you along the way, superpowered unstoppable spells that are rare but ever so useful! The thing that really grabbed me about Wands though? The graphical style totally jumps out, with fantastic, crazy looking art from Lindsay Lea. It looks to play in a pretty simple fashion, but would work well as a little filler when you’re waiting about for another game to finish.

3. Elevenses – The Card Game of Morning Tea


Look at that title. Then look at the box. WHY WOULD YOU NOT WANT THIS GAME IN YOUR COLLECTION?

Another release from Australia, this time Sydney’s Adventureland Games, I don’t think there’s ever been a game based around this subject. Players begin the game with the same set of cards, each of which has its own power – the lower the number, the greater the power – and look to serve up the best morning tea . By placing cards in specific locations, sugar cubes are handed out and rounds are won should you happen to have the most when an Elevenses card is played. I’m getting a bit of a Love Letter vibe from this one – simple rules, simple gameplay, but a splendid way to pass the time. Just like having a brew!

4. Brew Crafters


And on the subject of brews, how about something a little stronger? Dice Hate Me Games have just under three days left on their Brew Crafters campaign. Designed by Ben Rosset, players run their own microbreweries and attempt to construct the tastiest ales, lagers and stouts they can. Using a bit of worker placement, you’ll be looking to get your hands on the finest ingredients and turn out the very best brews in this game that reckons it’s “Euro Style, American Finish”. As always with DHM Games, the production is through the roof with beautiful illustrations throughout, mini-expansions built into the game from the start… Utterly lovely, and yours for a $60 pledge ($75 if you’re outside the US).

5. Pandante

Pandante STUFF

David Sirlin is a guy who knows a thing or two about games. Having been responsible for Yomi, the fantastic card game that worked like a 2D beat-’em-up, as well as the awesome Puzzle Strike, he’s now back with a game that involves… gambling pandas? Taking Texas Hold ‘Em as a starting point, he’s developed a game that uses a lot of the same rules (so there’s a lot of familiarity in there) but added in special powers and abilities to spice things up a little. Players can bluff about the cards they hold, others can accuse them of lying… it all sounds very boisterous and splendid. Get yourself in on this for $30.

And that’s it for this week! If you’re running a campaign (or are about to) and reckon I should know about it, drop me an email via and I’ll take a look. With us only covering five projects a week, space is short so get in early!


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