Kickstart Your Weekend – #3 – 29.11.13

Another five projects for you to cast your eye over – and your bank card, potentially – that are currently on Kickstarter and looking for your help. Let’s get straight into it!

1. Dreaming Spires

Dreaming Spires PROTO

Coming into the final hours of this one, but the project has been a spectacular slow-burning success, having just surpassed the $30K mark and still going. Players are building their own Oxford colleges over the space of 900 years (well, a couple of hours), dealing with actual historical incidents that occurred as well as coming across some of the famous names that walked the halls and streets of the city. As a game, it’s a middleweight tile laying effort with a little resource management thrown in for good measure. Add some charming art that really seems to fit the theme and this looks to be a winner – there’s even a PnP version so you can give the game a go yourself. I also spoke with designer Jeremy Hogan on a recent episode of the podcast and really felt that this is a total labour of love, so get yourself in on the project for $49 US.

2. Lords of War: Templars vs Undead

Lords of War PROMO

There’s a full review of the original two sets from the Lords of War series on the LMD site already, but here’s the short version: LoW is a quick playing battling card game played out on a grid. Each fighter has different attack types with numbered values; get enough in the right positions to exceed an enemy’s defence value and the card is taken off the field. Destroy enough and you’re the winner! It’s a surprisingly tactical game that has swiftly gained a lot of fans, especially after a good showing at Essen this past October. Army decks are independent so they can all fight each other, and graphically the game is really nice to look at – there’s a fantastic cartoon style throughout. There’s still a fortnight on the clock and they’re nearly three quarters of the way to their target – give them a boost and get this latest in the series out! They’ve also been adding extras into the package through the whole campaign, so when it funds you’re going to get a very nice set-up! A standard copy is yours for £15 – add £5 for international shipping.

3. TWO ROOMS and a BOOM!

2R1B cards

Another campaign with only a short amount of time left (around 12 hours!) and this one’s already been well funded as they currently sit at nearly ten times their original goal. An elimination game without the elimination, think of those fantastic party games like Werewolf then add a LOT more action. Split into two teams, Blue and Red, one side has a Bomber, the other the President. Over the space of five rounds, groups will separate into two rooms for five, four, three and two minutes, sending people back and forth between the rooms in between. After the final round, one last exchange takes place, then all roles are revealed. If the Bomber and President are in the same room, the bad guys win! If they’re separate, victory goes to the good guys. It’s simple, it’s filled with betrayal and arguments – all in the best fun, of course – and they’ve added a huge amount of new roles through the campaign as well as whole extra Green and Grey teams! A copy will cost you $20 USD, $40 if you’re outside the US, but just make sure you’re quick!

4. Viking Horde

Viking SHIP

Taking Print and Play gaming to the next level, this Australian project brings papercraft and a simple playing system together to create a game where ships will battle each other in a cut-throat battle! It’s got the same kind of feeling as the Wings of War series but with a much more accessible ruleset and way cuter art. Instead of using specifically built measuring devices you’ll be using your feet as you attempt to sink your opponent’s fleet of longships. If you’re looking to get kids into wargaming, this could well be the ideal method! Various levels offer pre-printed ships and warriors, but PnP is available pretty much on all of them. The Battle Starter Pack has enough for two players and will set you back $50 AUD.

5. Pixel Lincoln: Re-Election

Pixel Cards

More President! More meat! More cards! Jason Tagmire’s excellent side-scrolling card game gets its first expansion that promises new gameplay modes, a whole bunch of extra abilities and a huge range of new cards that add even more to the base set. You’ll also get to bring a fifth player into the mix (because four Lincoln’s aren’t enough, obviously) and face off against bigger, badder bosses. As you’d expect, the 16-bit style of the original has been carried through and you can expect a lot of weird and wonderful extras added as the campaign continues! A copy of the expansion is $35, and a combo pack that also includes the original Pixel Lincoln is $79.

Got a game you think deserves a spot on next week’s write up? Drop an email to and we’ll see if it’s worthy!


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