Kickstart Your Weekend #4 – 13.12.13

After a week off last week (thanks to not a huge amount going on over on Kickstarter and us moving house!) Kickstart Your Weekend returns with another bunch of recommendations for your crowdfunding cash! Let’s get straight on with it and look at a couple of RPG related projects…

1. The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putresence


OK, if you’re looking for RPG stuff that’s towards the darker end of the spectrum, this is the campaign for you. An Old School Renaissance module, we’re looking at a very retro-feeling D&D style adventure with more darkness than you can handle! Having previously developed a dungeon crawl called Liberation of the Demon Slayer, designer Venger Satanis (and yes, that is his real and awe-inspiring name) has returned with what he’s calling a ‘wilderness crawl’. Heroes roam across three islands as they attempt to eventually defeat The Thing That Rots From The Sky! The art shown so far is very striking and this darker take on roleplaying really stands out from the crowd. A mere $20 will see a softcover copy of the module landing on your doorstep, so embrace the darkness and enter the folds…

2. Ryuutama

Ryuutama COVER

Travelling around a fictional analogue of Japan solving problems may not seem like the most thrilling way to spend an evening, but Ryuutama offers role players precisely that experience. Having been out in Japan for years, the game is only now making its way to the English speaking world (with the assistance of friend of Little Metal Dog, Daniel Solis)! With a focus on story telling and problem solving, there’s also a solid looking battle system included that seems to have been taken directly from the ones and zeroes of a traditional JRPG. It’s got a gentler feel about it, turning away from using violence as an answer – so much so that there’s not even a class that can be seen as a fighter in the rules. Definitely a very different role playing system, and a copy can be yours for $40 (though PDF versions are also available for less).

3. Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo?


Microgames seem to be everywhere at the moment, but what about if your microgame was only a couple of cards and a heavy reliance of bluffing and screwing over your opponents? And you could pick it up for a fistful of change that would otherwise fall down the back of the sofa? A single dollar (or three if you’re outside the US) will see a copy of this Council of Verona spin-off arrive in your hands where one player – acting as Juliet, of course – is attempting to discern where Romeo is. A mere five cards means that this is now being referred to as a nanogame, and for a dollar how could you go wrong? Crash Games are having a great year so far, so here’s hoping that these final weeks see them have an incredibly successful conclusion!

4. Argent: The Consortium

Argent CARD

Normally known for their lighter games – expect a review of Pixel Tactics in the near future! – Level 99 are branching out into their first Eurogame with Argent: The Consortium. This is no worker placement game though, as Level 99 have created the first Wizard placement extravaganza on the market! Early previews have seen the game garner a decent amount of praise as players secretly attempt to score points throughout the game using their variable powers. As Argent draws to a close and the players have hopefully discovered the secret identities of the five members of the Consortium, a winner will be revealed! Bringing together the worlds of magic and technology, the game continues to use the unique art style that the company has championed for some time now, and a copy of the game can be yours for $50 USD.

5. Wipebook

Wipebook IMAGE

OK, it’s not gaming per se, but knowing what I’m like when I’m doing design work or just desperately scribbling down ideas, this could well be the most useful Kickstarter project of the year. Take one spiral bound notebook, cast some scientific wizardry over it involving chemicals and stuff that make sure when the pages touch nothing wipes off, and there you have Wipebook. An ingenious little thing and you won’t even have to wait that long as they’re planning on delivering in January 2014. Get your own Wipebook for as little as $15 Canadian Dollars!

5(a). Lords of War: Templars versus Undead

Lords of War PROMO

Yes, this one got a mention a couple of weeks ago but as of the time of writing there’s just over a day left on the campaign and the guys behind it have added a lot into the project to give them a final boost. With a £23,000 stretch goal in site, copies of the original two deck-packs are now available for a bargain price. Plans are afoot for an expansion deck based around Terrain and Weather which will add another level of strategy to this excellent little game, so get in while the going is good!

And that’s it. If you’ve got something interesting that you reckon gamers will be interested in, drop me a line on and I’ll see if I can get it included in our next Kickstart Your Weekend!


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