Prize Giveaway – My Little Pony CCG Starter Sets up for grabs!

Hello dear readers!

If you’ve listened to the last couple of episodes of the show and seen the recent review I wrote, you’ll know that I’ve become slightly obsessed with the newly released My Little Pony CCG. It’s a cracking little game, well balanced and fun to boot – and it’s out here in the UK this week. To celebrate, the lovely folks at Esdevium have given me three copies of the Two Player Starter Sets to pass on to three lucky people! Look!


As you can see, the sets come with two Theme Decks, one each for Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy (who is best pony), as well a large playmat, action point tokens and rulebook. You could have one of these boxes in your hands soon if you’re creative enough – all you need to do is a little bit of drawing!

If you’ve watched the show, you’ll know that each Pony has their own Cutie Mark – basically a little graphic on their flank that represents a skill or ability that they’re great at. What I want you guys to do is design a Cutie Mark for a Pony that’s frankly awesome at games. Perhaps they’re a designer. Maybe they just play. Whatever it is, you have your task – draw a gamers Cutie Mark! You can do it using whatever you like – MS Paint, Illustrator, on paper and take a photo… the choice is yours.

Once you’ve completed your design, email it to before 6pm GMT NEXT WEDNESDAY. That gives you a full week to get sorted out. I’ll make my decisions (and my call is FINAL), post up the winning entries here on the site next Wednesday evening and mail out the Starter Sets to the winners the following day. This is a WORLDWIDE contest – wherever you are, you can enter, so get your markers out and get designing!

Good luck!




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